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Unity Networking looks like it is getting closer!

Exciting!  It looks like the first iteration of Unity Networking might be implemented in Unity 5.1.  I’m quite enthused by this, as this is the key development I’m waiting on before investing heavily in building the next version of my multiplayer networking project. 115 more words

Setting Up WordPress on Amazon AWS EC2

Recently I decided it was time to dive into the world of cloud computing. My first “toe dip”, I decided would be to set up an account on… 1,350 more words

Vortex Cloud Getting Beyond Cloud Messaging Live Webcast

Date: 18th March 2015

Location: Online

Why Attend:

  • Understand how Vortex Cloud differs from mainstream Cloud Messaging technologies such as Azure Service Bus, Amazon Simple Queuing and Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging, etc.
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What Benefits You Get From Amazon Web Services Support

Web services have become imperative to the success of any business as they provide a platform with which you can easily reach your end consumers and provide them better services. 246 more words

Amazon EC2

Using Elastic IP to make Ops work easier.

Since we began to invest time into developing skills in EC2, we found Elastic IPs to be indispensable in re-hosting applications in the cloud. It’s become clear this is the coolest thing we’ve had a chance to play with in all our cloud providers. 434 more words


What happens when you migrate between DigitalOcean and AWS is Configuration Management

Let me tell you how we move production services from Digital Ocean to AWS. We started by thinking about configuration management, and that lead to writing code to build things for us, and enforcing policies, and building rules for environments. 1,045 more words


ECID propagation between SCA composites and JAX-WS web services by Nicolas Fonnegra


The Oracle SOA Suite provides an Audit Trail monitor screen where the message flow between the different SCA composites can be tracked. Depending on the audit level, it can provide a very detailed chronology of the different states of the message, including the first component that receives the messages, its correspondent transformation along the way, and the routing it’s final destination. 242 more words