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AWS Launches M4 General Purpose Instances For EC2

Amazon today decided that there’s no better time than a late Thursday afternoon to announce a new instance type for its EC2 cloud computing service, and so the company today… 356 more words


AWS EC2 Instance unreachable-Resolved

Issue: AWS EC2 Instance of type m3.xlarge shows Status Checks 0/2

System reachability check failed at certain time.

This instance has been unreachable since 1 days, … 159 more words

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Major Bug Forces Tor Cloud Shut Down

The Tor Cloud project, as of May 8, has been discontinued.

The Tor Cloud project gave people a user-friendly way of deploying bridges on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing platform to help users access an uncensored Internet. 273 more words


Increasing online sales reach through referral's

Dictionary meaning of referral is – an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.
– the directing of a patient to a medical specialist by a GP.
225 more words

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Running Oracle BPM 12c on AWS by Jorge Quilcate


In this post, I will show how to create an AWS EC2 Instance with an Oracle BPM 12c Quickstart Domain created. And I will use previous post for related tasks. 170 more words


Add Jenkins Slave Java command to run at startup at Ubuntu 14.04 instance of Amazon EC2

While working with AWS Ubuntu 14.04 instance for setting up my VM for a Jenkins job I got stuck with this simple task – adding the Jenkins slave connection java command to Ubuntu startup service. 1,185 more words

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Experimenting With Amazon EC2

I’ve been trying to become more familiar with the cloud services out there.  Recently, I decided to see if I could get something running on an Amazon EC2 instance.   273 more words