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Specific Auto-Scaling group Cloudformation AWS

I have an auto scaling group in AWS so i can change stack size of instances created by CF.
However when i want to reduce the stack it will terminate random instances in the stack. 99 more words


How to fix Django AWS EC2 Gunicorn ExecStart ExecStop end error?

I am trying to point my AWS Route 53 Domain to my EC2 IPv4 Public IP for my Django app, but I’m running into some gunicorn issues. 364 more words


AWS and PuTTy. bad service request ssh-connection

When I tried to access my EC2 instance using Putty, I got as error saying “bad service request ssh-connection”. What did I do wrong and how can I fix this problem? 93 more words


Make https the Default when Page Loading

I am running a web site, from an Unbuntu 16 (LTS) server running on AWS EC2. I have set the following input rules for my security group on AWS… 478 more words


What happens if I disable AZRebalance and an AZ becomes unhealthy?

Curious about this quote:

If you suspend AZRebalance and a scale out or scale in event occurs,
the scaling process still tries to balance the Availability Zones.

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What AWS service can help speed up slow Django view functions

I have a Django application with a Postgres DB that has kind of run away from my client as the database has millions of records. That being said there are some view functions that make several database queries, and because of that, it is glacier slow. 614 more words


Creating a t2 instance with CreditSpecification in Cloudformation

I am trying to launch an AWS EC2 instance using the t2 unlimited burst cpu option in CloudFormation:

AWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09
    Type: 'AWS::EC2::Instance'
      ImageId: ami-403e2524
      InstanceType: t2.small
        - CpuCredits: unlimited
… 48 more words