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Configure EC2 Windows Instance

To create the EC2 instance you can follow the below link


Here we have given a user script to run at the starting of the instance, which installs the IIS. 481 more words


Change AWS EC2 Instance Key Pair without stopping the Instance

If you landed on this blog post then I guess you might be looking for a way to change the Key pair associated with your AWS EC2 Instance without stopping the instance or you’re just following our blog posts :) Either way, I’ll try to explain the easiest way to do just that in this blog post. 212 more words


Creating an EC2 instance

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

EC2 is the web service that provides compute capacity in the cloud, it also provides scalability to the clients. There is a vast range of EC2 instances are available according to the customers’ needs. 675 more words


Introduction to AWS Step Function

Step Function is state-machine based workflow coordination as a service provided by AWS. AWS provides a straightforward way for application developers to create an execution workflow to coordinate the use of multiple AWS Lambda or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) components in distributed applications running on the cloud. 412 more words


Burns survivor to headline event

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ABOUT 200 members of Cairns business community are set for an inspiring evening when Turia Pitt reveals details of her heartbreaking story of survival tonight at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino. 3,350 more words

Business Community

Does AWS EC2 Auto-Scaling add new instance exactly like current one?

When EC2 auto-scaling group adds a new instance, is it adding one exactly like the current instance (assuming you only have one as a baseline) including any changes you have made post launch, or does it start one that is identical to the first instance’s initial state? 41 more words


How do I get my EC2 instance from EB to stop re-installing java 7?

So, basically I have an EC2 instance that was created by Elastic Beanstalk and about every week I have been SSHing into it to uninstall java 7 and install java 8. 407 more words