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Amazon's move to ban Chromecast and Apple TV might be brash, but it's not a precedent

Amazon’s latest maneuver to ban Chromecasts and Apple TV from its digital storefront might be a dick move. According to Amazon, they’re no longer carrying Chromecasts and Apple TVs because the products don’t support Amazon Instant Video. 396 more words



Every piece of art, no matter how popular or outre, created for consumption by potential audience is somebody’s acquired taste. My opinion: if you are honest with yourself about who your potential audience is, your expectations are less likely to break your heart. 226 more words


Fragment, September 26, 2015

Very strange experience yesterday morning when I was having trouble concentrating on the movie again, and realized I was shaking and a little faint; and I wondered if my blood pressure too low or I was having a stroke. 242 more words


Aging out of the fray

I have been thinking about – and a little worried about – competitiveness ever since this past summer when I realized that I did not have pre-show excitement the week before a screeningthat some of my work was in. 317 more words


Films of Sylviatoyindustries

The Blue Lady. What happens in an 1830s South Carolina farmhouse between two house slaves and their mistress during Master’s final, horrible hours of dying a painful death. 86 more words


American Horror Story Hotel Starts October 7, 2015

By Carolyn Davis

Airs on FX, purchase and stream day after airing on Amazon Instant Video

September 23, 2015

American Horror Story’s season five is called Hotel and will star Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and other familiar faces.   106 more words

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The pretty woman at the head of this picket line was my mother. Her life was in danger every day.

Meanwhile, across the Mississippi, my father, a government employee, was legal advisor to people of “other” religions who were not allowed to take their religious holidays off. 174 more words