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Guest author: Jim Webster - "Sometimes I Sits and Thinks"

Jim Webster may be better known for his work as the alter ego, or perhaps the amanuensis, of the Port Naain poet par excellence, Tallis Steelyard… 491 more words


Unidentified Flying Objects?

UFO’s. No, unfortunately not, only ceiling lights reflected in the window of Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant, Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. Books available at Amazon  more at Trevor Burton Web

Sailing Clear - is launched

Sailing Clear is out now – available on Kindle immediately and in paperback in a couple of days.



Writing Blogs

My new book, "February Romance," is out now on Amazon Kindle...and soon, paperback!

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my first book in 2017. February Romance, my attempt to beat the winter blues, has just been released on Amazon Kindle. 465 more words


Mystery Weekend

Check out these free mystery books for your reading pleasure!  Just click on the image below!


Books etc.

Tomorrow I am power shopping to get my library done. So excited for a comfortable, warm, inviting place to read. Today? This is my bedroom… I have two bookshelves already full in the basement that I have to move, and boxes filled with books that are waiting on my bookshelves.

13 more words

Short & Long

So I’ve been working on this novel.

The first draft is almost finished. It’s rough and raw. I’ve used two alternating narrators, sort of like Gone Girl, although I actually took the idea from Success by Martin Amis (worth a read if you like misanthropic tragedy). 447 more words