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Setting up a server with Amazon RDS

I have been using my computer to store my data when working with PostgreSQL up until now. To get experience with using a cloud-based server setup I am going to create and connect to a server provided through… 471 more words


Set up MySQL Replication with Amazon RDS


You have an existing server that runs a MySQL database (either on EC2 or not) and you would like to replicate this server with a… 298 more words


Monitoring Amazon PostgreSQL RDS with PEM version 6.0

The EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager is an enterprise management tool designed to tune, manage, and monitor a large number of Postgres deployments on servers on-premises or spread out across geographical boundaries. 1,399 more words


Best Practices for Implementing Server-less RESTful Services


With advancements in cloud technology, managed services are not only an option, they are becoming the standard. A managed services means little or no maintenance for you. 3,244 more words

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Why Amazon Cloud has Ruled Since 2006 in this High Tech Era!

In today’s scenario, almost everything is happening around the cloud ranging from moving to access. You might be wondering what is so exciting about CLOUD that is making it highly demanding in this present high tech era. 321 more words

Amazon Aurora Deep Dive - FYI - In Progress

I’ve been making videos on Amazon Aurora: a whole new paradigm shift in relational database management systems (RDBMS). As of September, 2016, Amazon Aurora is the fastest growing service in AWS history – 214 more words

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