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Run Your Own Netflix?

Do you want to be just like Netflix or Amazon Prime and stream videos to whoever?  Well, only if you don’t mind spending like $59.99 a month to allow s3Bubble stream your videos that you host with Amazon S3 service.   195 more words

Web Services

s3cmd to s3-cli : Halving our deployment time!

40 minutes.

That’s the painful amount of time our developers spent screen watching or playing Pokemon Go while the code deployed to around 15 servers. 216 more words


What is Object Storage?

Believe it or not, the first time you used the Internet, you used object storage. You have been using it ever since. Honest. In one form or another that is what has been going on for decades. 683 more words


Amazon S3 cloud storage access from command line in Linux

How to access Amazon S3 BY command line

Amazon S3 is stand for Simple storage service that is storage for the Internet. It as a, “simple storage service that offers software developers a highly-scalable, reliable, and… 744 more words


Box Zones - Customers can now choose the region where their data will be physically stored.

Box is collaborating with IBM and Amazon to provide customers the choice of storing their data in specific regions.

The technology is called Box Zones and is targeted at companies that face regulatory restrictions on where they store data. 120 more words


Uploading files into S3 via Command Line


Imagine, You went on a vacation and something bad happened in your server and you lost all data. You won’t face any greater nightmare than this, which just crossed your path. 569 more words

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