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Amazon S3 Static Website Hosting and REST API Access?

I’m currently utilizing an S3 bucket’s rest api to access images for my company’s application. I’ve written lambda functions to help lighten the load on my application, but in order to utilize these functions I have to change the settings in my S3 bucket to act as a static website host. 185 more words


AWS Kinesis Stream In Detail Review

I am new to AWS. I have implemented some functionalities in aws using java. My requirement is to insert a csv of 50MB to RDS PostgreSQL instance at a time. 216 more words


AWS Creating new files from an s3 object using JAVA getting error

I have a shape file and i need to read the shape file from my java code. I used below code for reading shape file. 536 more words


Serve index.html without a redirect on 404 keeping url

I’m using an SPA and my local dev environment serves the index.html file for any 404s. This keeps the URL intact when loading the app. My apps routing picks up the URL and displays the correct page. 193 more words


Aws::Errors::MissingCredentialsError in PostsController#update with Paperclip and AWS

I’ve been working on this for hours and haven’t been able to figure it out. I ran git clean and then realized that my s3.yml file got deleted. 278 more words


SSE encryption of S3 using Terraform

I want to create a S3 and make it encryption at rest with AES256, but terraform complain that: * aws_s3_bucket.s3: : invalid or unknown key: server_side_encryption_configuration (see my code complained by terraform below) 93 more words


python aws s3 file distributing

I am looking to this tutorial. I would like to know is the anyway to distribute large amount of file over the different objects. As the example let’s say I have video file with size 60 GB and I have S3 bucklets with size 4 x 15 GB. 276 more words