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Uploading CSS files using "Shrine" gem

I have recently switched from carrierwave to shrine in my Rails app and i thought i follow the advice of Alan Richardson, saying when you learn something new, irregardless of how trivial it might seem to you, share it and save someone else that headache. 367 more words


Module 1: Provisioning Durable Storage with S3

Amazon S3 Service is the cloud storage which provides durability (99.999999999%), availability, and highly-scalability. Amazon S3 store data into the S3 Buckets and Bucket must have a unique name.   1,561 more words

Dinostore Project

The day Amazon S3 storage stood still

By now you’ve probably heard that Amazon’s S3 storage service went down in its Northern Virginia datacenter for the better part of 4 hours yesterday, and took parts of a bunch of prominent websites and services with it. 578 more words


Amazon's web servers are down and it’s causing trouble across the internet

Amazon’s web hosting services are among the most widely used out there, which means that when Amazon’s servers goes down, a lot of things go down with them. 356 more words

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Backup Of MySQL Database To Amazon S3 Using BASH Script Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Backup of MySQL Database to Amazon S3 using BASH Script

This is a easy way to backup your Mysql Database  to Amazon S3 for a regular interval backup – this is all to be done on your server. 819 more words


Disaster Recovery for your Data Integration on AWS

Data powers business. Therefore, it becomes imperative to prepare your data processing architecture for any disaster. In case of data integration, this means keeping your data sources, data integration infrastructure, ETL mappings and the logs immune to any disaster. 880 more words

Amazon EMR