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Google gets chatty about live migration while AWS stays mum

On Monday, Amazon wanted us to know that its staff worked day and night to avert planned reboots of cloud instances and updated a blog post… 356 more words

If you thought cloud competition couldn't get hotter, think again

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has opened a data center hub in Silicon Valley, adding yet another gigantic player to a growing, but already hotly-contested cloud computing market. 201 more words

Amazon hones its cloud update process

Remember that planned Xen-related reboot Amazon Web Services warned about last week? Well, things went better than planned, according to an updated blog post Monday. 135 more words

Getting the real dope on your cloud deployment

Lots of companies can perform cost analysis of cloud-based instances; Krystallize Technologies promises to do more. The Austin, Texas–based startup said its technology delves deeper into what’s going on with cloud workloads and compares how a given job will do across Amazon, IBM SoftLayer, vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink, etc. 663 more words

Identifying Untagged Resources in AWS

Identifying Untagged Resources in AWS

If you need to identify untagged or “null” tag value resources in AWS you can now do so using the AWS Console Tag Editor. 36 more words

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Add IBM cloud to the list of reboots to come

The latest Xen hypervisor vulnerabilities are forcing IBM to reboot some customers’ cloud instances between now and March 10. The vendor sent out an alert to affected IBM SoftLayer customers on Friday, the same day Linode alerted its customers. 108 more words

For retailers the buy-or-build cloud decision looms large

If you need proof that cloud deployment stories can touch off religious disputes, my recent report about @Walmartlabs deploying 100K cores of OpenStack to run the retail giant’s e-commerce operations is Exhibit A. 808 more words