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Amazon Web Services - Storage

This mind map highlight various storage types and supported services in AWS

Mind map for simple storage service(S3)

Mind map for cloud front

Mind map for block storage supported by AWS

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Has a New Strategy to Win Over Video Game Developers

Amazon is making it easier for video game developers to create online tournaments and award prizes to the winners.

The online retail giant debuted coding tools on Monday for developers to tweak their existing video games to contain… 477 more words



Anevia has launched the latest version of its NEA-CDN product created to deliver low latency and broadcast-quality content even during peak viewing times. The new version enables operators to ‘go virtual’ with an HVM-based AMI for seamless deployment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) – ensuring they can combine all the benefits of NEA-CDN with those of the Amazon cloud; for example, greater flexibility, scalability and cost-savings. 395 more words


How do I get Cloud Formation to create a changeset to update my Lambda functions?

I have a Lambda function which I’ve verified to work correctly. I’m able to update the function by hand on the command line using “update-function-code” but I’ve been trying to get it working with Code Pipeline and Cloud Formation. 398 more words


AWSCLI aggregate results from multiple cli invocations

I’m using AWSCLI on Windows to start, query and connect to instances via RDP. I have three values I want to return in a single query, but I can’t figure out how to do it. 147 more words


3 Reasons Why Micron's Stock is Rising

Shares of Micron Technology, Inc. (MU) are at a 16 year high, climbing nearly 8.8% on Tuesday to hit a new 52-week high of $58.84 per share. 413 more words


Exceeding Amazon AWS Free Tier

I recently set up an Amazon Free Tier account to store some databases. However, I was stupid enough to not pay attention to the limit of 750 hours per month and created too many instances. 97 more words