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Update FSTAB on multiple EC2 instances using Run Commands


  • Customer Running multiple Linux Ec2 instance in AWS.
  • Customer reports that Instances are loosing mount points after a reboot.

Solution :

The resolution requires to update the fstab file on all the instances. 291 more words

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Python - AWS Lambda extract a key from JSON input

Im trying to implement a function that will get the event from cloudwatch and print the results. I can able to get the event but I want to extract one particular key from that JSON. 546 more words


小さな炎 a small flame

*By clicking on the image(s) you can see the larger version(s). ※画像をクリックすると大きく表示されます。 © 茨原 孝貞(T Ibara Photo) 本サイトにおける全ての画像(写真・イメージ)及び文章の無断使用、転記を固く禁じます。 © Takami Ibara (T Ibara Photo) All images on …

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The rough breeze

The cold, chilling, gusty breeze, Blew rough creating an unease; It had an intention to freeze, The life in the leaves and trees; The breeze was so determined, Being harsh, it did not mind; It hurt…

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Get out-of-date instances within AWS CodeDeploy

I’m looking for a way to get a list of out-of-date instances for an application deployment group, I’ve been looking in to using the JavaScriptSDK but can’t seem to find a call that will list the instances. 186 more words


Unable to add a new availability zone to an existing load balancer

Had created a Load balancer to added some EC2 instances to them and everything is working as expected. I cannot add a new availability zone to this load balancer. 134 more words


How to enable apiKey required to true using the aws-sdk?

I have been stuck here for too long. How do I enable API Key for the particular REST method using the aws-sdk? I could enable it using the console, but not finding a method to achieve this using the nodejs sdk. 280 more words