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"I Do...Until I Don't"



The cookie cutter “I Do…Until I Don’t” quickly falls victim to crappy directing, lousy writing, and indifferent acting. The lackluster ensemble comedy of marriage is the brainchild of the usually funny… 296 more words

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I DO... UNTIL I DON'T review

Yay! Rom-coms!

I only saw the trailer maybe once before this week, so I can’t say much. Hell, if I didn’t check my theaters, I wouldn’t have even remembered that this movie existed. 1,203 more words


Review: I Do...Until I Don't, 2017, dir. Lake Bell

I rather liked Lake Bell’s first go behind the camera, In a World…, so maybe I put higher expectations on her second, I Do…Until I Don’t… 101 more words


Movies in Review: "I Do...Until I Don't"

It’s been a bit slow on the movie front the past couple of weeks. I won’t be surprised if you’ve heard nothing about the 2 movies I am reviewing from this weekend because I heard nothing about them either. 280 more words

'I Do...Until I Don't' Movie Review

I Do…Until I Don’t (2017)

As a narrator talks about marriage and how it’s for life, we see a funeral taking place. We see a bunch of tombstones with inscriptions such as “Beloved Wife” or “Fidelity and Death.” The narrator talks about the word ‘betrothed’ which is another word for ‘pledge’ and how we give the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ and then throw trash out our car window. 1,016 more words

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When Empathy Strikes Back

“Misery loves company” ~ Christopher Marlowe

* In empathy’s most romantic influence, it makes lovers and friends say “I just want to make you feel how you make me feel” or when you are done a kindness they say “you’d do the same for me” If you’re circulating orgasms and laughter, this can be a lovely cycle to perpetuate. 319 more words