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Episode 106: Drive Angry

Live fast. Die young. Go to hell. Come back from the dead. Avenge your daughter. Have lots of sex and kill lots of people. I don’t understand why America didn’t embrace this concept more more than it did. 187 more words


Losing Fingers

It’s just bad luck…….  or she is.

When people start losing fingers are almost losing fingers, and there seems to be a PATTERN going around (i.e., fingers getting injured)   I am going to stay the fuck away from said person. 43 more words

Amber Heard

Handwriting on the Mirror

Mirror compared with Amber’s Writing

 Johnny’s Handwriting

Amber Heard

Amber & Friend DEMAND Free Entry

She and BFF Margo Robbie wanted to help their pal Amber Heard celebrate her divorce from Johnny Depp with a steamy night at a London strip club. 274 more words

Amber Heard

#LikeABoss Actor, Johnny Depp's Ex, Amber Heard Donates $7,000,000 To Charity

There are many ways to tell your ex husband, I don’t care about your divorce settlement.

Unusually like this one as “Pirate Of The Caribbean” Star, Johnny Depp’s ex wife, Amber is giving her divorce settlement money to charity . 116 more words

Living in a World of Words

Lawyers live in a world of words. Precision is key. And so, it is the very bending of those words that turns an honest story into a distorted story. 268 more words

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