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How One Artist Is Creating A World We All Want

Artist Amber Rae is hell-bent on changing the world for the better. To do this, she’s enlisting the support of communities across the globe to create public spaces that spark honest reflection and dialogue. 1,476 more words



I think I’m just now realizing how sad I am. I wouldn’t say depressed, but I know I will be forever scarred by what happened exactly one month ago. 319 more words

Amber Rae

Egyptian Hearts

Maybe the Egyptians were right.
Maybe our minds are held tight by
trees’ sighs into our lungs
hung beyond white branched bars;
yet, still easily scarred by… 90 more words

Amber Rae

Dream (old Tumblr draft)

“I really like that new kid.” he said. I turned and looked across campus and saw him; light skinned, well-groomed, with striking hazel eyes. “Invite him over so we can hook up.” I looked at my friend in disgust that he would even want to pimp me in order to get laid. 234 more words

Amber Rae

Set Eyes

You loved me between the moon and the sun, and your eyes stayed with my silhouette when the sky blue blanket exposed an urban starry night. 66 more words

Amber Rae


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Amber Rae