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Gutting it out at Pine to Palm 100

After nearly a year of having my sights set on my first one hundred miler, this past weekend at the Pine to Palm 100 was my first attempt at that goal. 4,616 more words


Adventures at Speedgoat!

Sometimes I like to surprise people and sometimes those people happen to include me, myself and I. Look, Wyoming winters can be long and sometimes a person might be driven to do crazy things, you know, like register for a 50k that boasts the title of “toughest in the U.S.” Woops! 2,406 more words


Spring Training Update - that's interesting, right?

Ok, well maybe not interesting to most people, but perhaps a select few who don’t mind that I’m writing about myself and enjoy gaining someone else’s perspective on ultra training/masochism, however you might view it. 1,098 more words


Hard-hitting Julie Oleson a rough and tumble competitor in women’s football

As it says on her Twitter account, she is here to make pretty girls ugly. A tough as nails, no-nonsense athlete, she was poised to serve as one of the stalwarts for the defensive unit of the Baltimore Blitz. 361 more words

Women’s Indoor Football League

I'm No Water Baby

Life. From time to time, it finds ways to put one in a place they’d rather not be. No matter how badly we hate the situation, it’s either buck up and face it, or let it devour you. 2,184 more words


Thoughts on Trails (and Trials)

Trails have always held a special place in my heart. They are such remarkable things; the start, content, and end of so many adventures. Sometimes taken with another person, sometimes alone. 300 more words


Discipline, Happiness, and Life’s Littlest Adventures

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about discipline.  Mostly, I have been thinking about how the concept of discipline has come to be this idea that we must force ourselves to do things that we don’t want to do, but that must be done regardless. 1,392 more words