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[f(x)] Another day of f(x) pt.III

Part 3


She was on a plane from China for her drama filming and took selcas of herself before posting it to her weibo account. 1,088 more words


[OFFICIAL] 151124 f(Amber)+f(Luna) = JTBC Sugarman [6P]

Credits to JTBC
Please credit functionlove.net as well if taking out, thanks.


Amber Rose: Harry Styles Makes Me Wet!

Amber Rose may have a terrible view of finances.
But she has some pretty great taste in men! In young men, that is.
E! returned the Fashion Police to the air on Monday night, about two months since it aired its last new episode in September. 8 more words

Avengers, assembly!

When Coulson hands Tony a case file, it turns out to be an exciting kind of file. For carrying, it’s a large black slab. After Tony grabs it, he grabs the long edges and pulls in opposite directions. 638 more words

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