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As we were forewarned prior to Coming to the Caribbean, the corrosion rate is atrocious on Ambergris Caye! Due to the high salinity of the seawater there, it gets in the air and metal is just eaten away as a result. 117 more words


Can You BELIZE Where I'm Going?!

What a month it has been! I can hardly believe that my boy is already one now. We celebrated his birthday with good friends and family. 1,189 more words

Central America : Belizean Adventures

For anyone who’s explored Central America or the Caribbean, the beautiful country of Belize has probably been in the queue for potential places to visit. For us, Belize was the only choice – more specifically, the small settlement village of San Pedro located on Amergris Caye. 577 more words


Dusk and Dawn in Belize: Characters in a tropical romance novel of our own

Belize’s beautiful bookends: Sunset, and then, sunrise.

The calm is with us, the uncharacteristic coolness adds depth to our shadows.

The soft breezes from the north and west carry fresh artisanal air — richly scrubbed by mainland jungle and infused with savanna magic and minerals from salty bay waters. 78 more words


Yes, we had no tsunami, we had no tsunami last night

Well, Ambergris Caye dodged another disaster.

In 2017, two major hurricanes bypassed us for richer pickings in the rest of the Caribbean, coastal US, and Houston. 880 more words


Tropic island survival kit essentials, part 2: a dog, of course

Yesterday,  I half-seriously compiled a tropical island survival kit — OK, maybe less than half-serious — and made a very obvious omission that was brought to my attention this morning while I was walking Moppit, our dog. 510 more words


¡ Belize Navidad!

When Brandon scores a $1,000 flight voucher from United Airlines, the only logical next step is to plan an epic family vacation! It was the first time for our family to travel outside of the U.S. 751 more words