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Humdrum aesthetics, ambiance, and everyday affect

I’ve been off lately. Like a typist with baseball mitts on or a table with uneven legs. Finishing up coursework, graduating, moving back to my parents to prep for the next phase of life, I’ve been recalibrating my humdrum “average everydayness,” to use Heidegger’s term. 644 more words


My Room Tour

As I’ve mentioned in my rather sassy comments, living in San Francisco costs an arm and a leg. It can  be a little overwhelming and annoying to think of how much we pay to live here and what we could be saving in the meantime. 198 more words


Pablo de Cruza

and tomorrow, my love,
we will try to get my mother to loan us a few bucks and drive to boise



trying out fauchon muscat

Snaps from this year’s Mothers day treat from my loves. Everything was just great! Sat down for a cup of coffee before we headed back home. 223 more words

Backpackers Cafe, Chandigarh

Started in 2007, this cafe, as the name suggests, was started to serve heaven to the backpackers  traveling north to the mountains. The owners definitely knew the taste of their audience! 256 more words


Engagement Party at the Twisted Apron

We’ve been so busy, it’s been a while since we’ve posted, so we thought we’d make it up to you with some lighting eye-candy from what we’ve been up to lately! 198 more words


Fest of all possible worlds

This may be my last entry…

Just over twelve years ago I started writing my first blog. I remember discussing my impending mid-life crisis (as I turned 30) and how I was looking forward to the newly created Download Festival. 268 more words