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On our first visit to the pacific mall we were asked to observe and sketch the VISUAL, SOCIAL and PRODUCT CULTURE of the mall (macro area) 184 more words

Chamonix risographique (Super terrain)

Avalanches” de Baptiste Caccia, aux Editions Super Terrain est un superbe fascicule en riso, réalisé lors d’une résidence aux Houches dans le cadre du projet Galaxy Gutenberg. 151 more words


Have You Considered ... Before Renovating?

The finished project is the best part of any renovation. Hopefully, it turns out just the way you envisioned it. However, when you are thinking about what it is going to look like in that finished room, the part many people overlook is that it takes planning to get those lights and outlets in just the right place so that they are usable, aesthetically pleasing and code compliant. 513 more words

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Why I went Exclusive with AudioJungle

I just made myself exclusive with AudioJungle after getting all my tracks rejected from Pond5. I’ve been a Sound Mixer for over 10 years and before that I worked in post-production, so I know what I’m doing. 174 more words


Dripping (pt. 1)

The dripping. The dripping from the roof unto the hard paved floor was what woke me up. Constant dripping, the interval of time between the maddening ticks did not change. 432 more words

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L'imprévisible: "station de montagne"

Trouvé la librairie “La Liseuse” à Sion (Valais, Suisse) vendredi dernier, le volume 2 de la revue L’imprévisible, dédié au thème des “stations de montagne”. Avec divers documents sur des sujets aussi fascinants que les mobile-home des saisonniers à Argentière, les résidences secondaires fermées, le Chagall de l’Eglise de Passy, l’improbable connexion entre Crans-Montana et Kandahar, les playlists d’altitude, la Grand Motte (de stations en stations) ou encore la gastronomie des skieurs.


Comparison between a few Veg restaurants in Pune

Hello All,

Today I will discuss with you a few of the places where I have tasted food.
So this post is basically for ‘Pure Veges‘ who don’t have many dining options available. 90 more words