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Listening Tests

As mentioned previously, I will be conducting listening tests with the public, inĀ an attempt to answer the question of whether individualised HRTFs improve localisation over generic ones, in a binaural environment. 326 more words

Understanding Ambisonics

Ambisonics is a surround sound technique that was developed in the 1970’s which enables full 3D soundfield reproduction, extending from Blumleim’s Mid-Side technique.

In this technique, four channels of information are used to convey all the information needed to produce the full soundfield over any number of loudspeakers. 351 more words

Next Steps...

Now that the ‘Simple Scenes Test’ is finished and ready for participants, I will start planning the coming steps of the project.

Originally, the project was set to Evaluate the Localisation Accuracy of compressed audio in Ambisonic and Binaural Systems. 217 more words


Localisation and the importance of HRTFs for virtual 3-d audio.

Up until this point I have mentioned HRTFs but not have not given a thorough explanation of what they are and why we use them. 490 more words

Test Development III

After implementing the new interface and running some tests, I encountered some problems while using the aforementioned Mira app*. Unfortunately, the app did not support some of the essential MAX objects needed to run the tests appropriately. 239 more words


Further Research and Test Development II

As mentioned in the introductory post, the structure for the project in hand is based in four simple stages:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Test development
  • Test result analysis…
  • 635 more words


After some time developing the preliminary experiments, I outlined a Test Information sheet and a Consent Form, and ran some sessions to assess the quality of the test. 343 more words