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New Ambisonics Plugin!

I’ve just released a new first-order Ambisonic panner over on my new website. It’s absolutely free and you can read more about it here.


What and why?

What is 3D Audio and where we are today?

3D audio is more authentic to our ears than 2D stereo. 3D audio gives the listener a sense of space and creates more awareness for the sounds around by being able to identify the sound source in the space. 496 more words

Adrián Strozzi MSc Final Major Project

First order B-Format AmbiX audio for compatibility with YouTube.

Produced by Adrián Strozzi  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfOA_P5G1KfzCs2NK2Jbgtw


Spatial Audio Workshop - EMPAC

A few pics from the Spatial Audio Workshop I had the pleasure of attending at EMPAC last week.

Field Recording

Fake Artificial Intelligence: Episode 15

Robot Pizza Van – Now in 3D Audio! Just listen like you normally do on regular speakers or headphones. We’re using ambisonics (stereo is left-and-right, surround sound adds forward-and-back, ambisonics adds up-and-down) and binaural audio (takes the shape of your head into account?? 185 more words


Creating an audio installation, part 2

Time has flown. How did it happen again? Many things have happened since my last post. One of the many things is that my interactive sound installation was selected for the exhibition at… 442 more words

Sonic Art

Field Recordings and Ambisonics

After a recent update, the Zoom h2.n recorder can now record ambisonic files. I had one of these units some time ago, but got rid of it as I felt it’s mics were a tad noisy, but for field recordings that’s less of an issue (well for sources at a reasonable level, anyway) I have just bought another unit and have started experimenting with recordings and processing them in… 149 more words