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Beware the ladder-climbers...

…people who will do almost anything for a little more money or power.

Ad maiora.

Yes, I’ve been away. Yes, I’ve kept myself away from my passion for writing. Yes, I am guilty of it. Yes, I was like everyone my age trying to¬†go…

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Who is Bryan Dunn?

My name is Bryan but most call me B. I am from plant city Florida but has always loved to travel so I have been around. 291 more words

Geriatric Dreams

We don’t age when our telomerase shortens
But when the fun of splashing in the rain lessens

We don’t age when there is a collagen decrease… 228 more words

Ordinary Peculiarity

Humans are such peculiar creatures.

They all have universes inside them, each one uniquely unique, strange and an unexplainable tangle of knots – and most are not even aware of it. 221 more words


Nothing is sweeter than success . Nothing more admirable than ambition. Nothing more important than persistence. Nothing more valuable than a vision.

Nothing more impressive than commitment.

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