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Futility Is Necessary and Inevitable

I don’t know whether it’s depressing because it really is or because I’m getting old and cranky.

Perhaps I’m just starting to suspect that my labors have all been in vain. 439 more words


Tiger Attacks Florida Trainer During School Field Trip as Children Watch

A Bengal tiger scratched and dragged its trainer during a fair in Pensacola, Florida, on Tuesday in front of dozens of elementary school kids.

A video, which was taken by a student who was on a field trip to the Pensacola Interstate Fair, has been shared on social media. 395 more words


Who Cares?

Who cares what you are doing right now? Who cares what you are thinking right now? Who cares about whatever you are planning to do? Who cares whether you are alive or dead? 577 more words


Kicking the bucket

I have always been interested in bucket lists. Both reading other peoples and formulating my own. Quite often I think about whether I will ever get out there and start ticking things off it, and today I take that first step in doing so, putting it in writing. 360 more words

José Fernández and His Friends Allegedly Had Strong Odor of Alcohol On Them After Deadly Boat Crash

José Fernández, the Miami Marlins pitcher who died in a boat crash in Florida last month, and his friends had a strong odor of alcohol on them when their bodies were examined by a medical examiner, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by the  193 more words


Quote of the Day

As promised here are some more quotes relating to Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm can be a driving force in our lives as the following quote shows.

“The reason why many people fail, is that they lose their enthusiasm and with it goes drive, ambition, creativity, determination and success.” 128 more words

It is Easy

With baseball seemingly being the light that has everyone’s attention I figured a baseball type quote fits well here.

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” – Tom Hanks from   168 more words