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Project Laughter 04/07/2015

As my American friends prepare to celebrate their independence from us, I wrote two pages in the morning before the day became a steamy wall of lassitude. 246 more words


It's a Half New Year

One of the nice things about the residency year beginning in July is that it’s like having a second “new beginning” to the year. It’s a great feeling to think there is another chance to “re-do” or re-evaluate how things are going in your life. 994 more words

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The oysters in the deep sea,
Have many a marvels,
The pearl , the most striking one,
But for all its beauty, luster, and splendor, 185 more words



I’m that woman bloodstained from toppled over buses,
When I get back on my feet my first errand,
Buy the same white clothes
That I was wearing. 41 more words

The World is Yours.

So many big plans coming through! In the beginning stages of filming a short, new photoshoots being planned, and new opportunities being explored. It’s gonna be a fun summer. 14 more words


Sam. And Calm Your Tits.

Ok, I wasn’t going to write about Sam right away, but given the feedback I’ve gotten about my last post, I think I should, just so you know that I do actually talk to/date nice men too. 1,040 more words


July Ambitious Woman of The Month: Meisha Pigford of Dream Celebrations Inc

As a journalist, it is my job to get the “inside scoop” while reporting and I was able to do just that as I shadowed my July Ambitious Woman of the Month on a few occasions. 1,147 more words