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Positive thinking and self belief!

I got a comment last night “you sound so happy, And it’s so nice to hear you happy”. Proof that sometimes all it takes is some self motivation to turn things around. 364 more words

Team Trophy 🏆

These past few months have been great! I got to witness a number of things all happen at the same time. I just took some time to reflect on how peaceful I have become and it all pointed back to my team. 227 more words


Give Me Shape

– Aren’t you tired shifting shapes every now and then? the tiny robin asked the wolf.

The wolf, that was not a real wolf but a shapeshifter in the shape of a wolf, kept staring skeptically at the surface of the still lake, as if he hadn’t heard the question. 1,697 more words


This One Question Will Make Every Decision In Your Life Easier


Measure EVERY decision against your goal.

The British rowing team had not won a gold metal since 1912. By all measures, they didn’t have a good rowing program. 853 more words

Life Lessons

How To Accomplish More In 30 Days Than Most Do In 365

Will Smith

“The best ambition killer is trying to play someone else’s game.” — Dan Sullivan

Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day And Control Your Life… 1,727 more words

Life Lessons

Mom Shares Transgender Teen's Heartbreaking Suicide Note to Raise Awareness to Issues She Faced

The mother of a transgender teen from Florida who died by suicide this month is hoping to raise awareness by sharing her child’s story and encouraging parents to listen to their children. 883 more words