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The Fish Story by Stu Potter. Illus. by Miri Britain.

The Fish Story by Stu Potter. Illus. by Miri Britain. Pub. Stu Potter. http://www.thefishstory.co.nz.

A cautionary tale and almost Maori legend the first thing I thought after I read it was this should be in the standard 32 page picture book format. 143 more words

Intermediate Fiction

Poem of the Week: Brain on the Fritz Again

Brain on the Fritz Again
February 25, 2015

Buzz! Crackle! Fizz! go the wires in my mind.
A hundred random images I swore I’d left behind. 282 more words


Goals and General Update

I spent the last few weeks not really bothering with fitness/weightloss Other things were on my mind and it felt so much easier to just eat whatever and relax in my spare time. 351 more words


26 Week Money Challenge - Week #5

Time to save more with the 26 week money challenge. It is week #5, save $25.00 and your balance should be $75.00. #HappySavings


Afflicted with Ambition

I don’t write here nearly as often as I’d like. Probably because I don’t think my life is that interesting.

Here’s what my thoughts generally wander to on a daily basis. 64 more words



Today is Friday KEEP PUSHING! The weekend is almost here but it doesn’t mean that your work mentality should slow down! OH NO IT DOESN’T! You keep yourself as hard as you can! 47 more words


Great Look For Great Occasions

Such a gorgeous look! The colors are of the tie, shirt, suit jacket, and pocket square blending extremely well together makes for a very professional and fashionable look for only the most sought after occasions or meetings. #GentlemansAmbition