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Clarity of thought?

If ever I thought that volunteering with All Hands in Nepal would give me a black and white answer to life’s “What next?” question then I was mistaken. 433 more words


Discipline Separates the Good from the Great.

For a while now, I have given considerable thought to the phrase “Discipline separates the good from the great.”

I definitely agree with it. With skill development, with projects, it is discipline that will make the difference. 325 more words


missed calls

This selfie was a spur-of-the-moment.

One that represents growth, prosperity, commitment and change.
Mistakes and misconceptions.
South central Kentucky and their stories they let me tell. 82 more words


What Is Left Of Us

It is a season of change.

Whatever season of life you are in; look, and you will see. Your life is changing.

Like the Biblical Job, we receive, and we have what we have received taken away from us. 402 more words


The Ambitious Lama's Quandary

Carpe Diem is
Exactly the opposite
Of Just let it go


The best laid plans..... no such thing

Its October, I feel like this year has been in fast forward, I just need to catch my breath…

I’ve accomplished some of what I set out to do but not all, there ‘ s still 2 months left tho, here’ s hoping… … 130 more words

closer to God

i found religion once, timidly, in
your eyes; there silence shamed me,
bow my head and repent for looking
where i shouldn’t, but the allure… 63 more words