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Be Your Biggest Fan!

So, it’s the 16th day of my no wine life and it’s not so bad! Although, since I’ve started working out I’ve been breaking out and I’m not sure if it’s moon cycle related or the glistening drops of my hard work? 357 more words

Dating Is So Much Harder When You're An Ambitious Woman — But Don't Let That Stop You

It might be that you’ve been working so hard, so you’ve been thinking a quite bit. Or it could be that you just learn about anything – so that your experience has changed the way you think about your friends, your life, and what you really want from relationships and work. 284 more words

A Ghost Story (2017) Review

Every now and again, you see a film that you can’t immediately grab ahold of how you feel about it. You know what you’ve seen is something that may be great but you’re perplexed. 483 more words

Three Line Tales, Week 78: Climbing Nowhere

Ambitious upward mobility, climbing ladders, glass ceilings to be cracked
Frustration builds up, banging head on walls time and again
Stairway to nirvana blocked, climbing nowhere, career levelling off… 10 more words


Attitude makes the difference

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

In order to allow yourself the widest possible choice in your activities, and so give yourself a better chance of finding something rewarding, you must surely discard any pre-defined ideas about what is ‘fun’, or what you ‘should’ be doing.  

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