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Goal achiever or just a setter: Practical strategies for success.

I love reading articles on LinkedIn. Sounds like a sickness but I find it relaxing. I came across an article that sparked my interest, but I didn’t have time to read it so I saved it. 1,028 more words


Everything you want, you are. 

Have you heard the saying that goes “the universe is inside of you”? I am sure you have. It makes you think, what does it actually mean, the power? 409 more words

Coffee Talk


I’m not the best lover or am I best person to love, I’m shackled with a curse that haunts me, everything good dwells down leading to a dark path of broken hearts sound of cries and and the pain in your stomach that makes you weak. 259 more words

Defining myself

I can define myself with three words. Ambitious, thoughtful and responsible.

First of all, I’m really greedy. It doesn’t mean that I want to gather more money, but I always want to be perfect in everything. 369 more words

Short Writings

Are you 'really' attractive?

If someone tells you that you’re attractive, what’d be your first response or thought to it? You might think it’s your clothes or your hair or your skin, just simply the way you look today or every day. 435 more words

Life, As I See It