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M.A.C.P Night Award


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera sayang2 NA semua. Didoakan semoga berada dalam keadaan sihat yer ;)

NA tak berapa nak sihat seminggu dua nie. Hari tu check up dekat private clinic, doktor cakap kekurangan sel darah merah. 518 more words


Entries From My Golden Diary

Dear diary,

Today, I watched my son take apart and repair the original Nintendo I found in my mother’s basement. Now, we have to go on ebay or craigslist to hopefully find some old games. 248 more words

When You're A Type B Personality (But Neurotic As Fuck)

Firstly, God bless anyone who genuinely thinks anyone falls 100% into any particular category – especially a binary, black-or-white category. You can be a social introvert or antisocial extrovert. 809 more words

Ambitious women; Let's hear from Annika

Name| Annika Spalding

Tell us a random fact about yourself| I’m an outgoing introvert. So, at first glance you’ll assume I’m shy and timid, but within a few minutes of talking to me it will be quite the opposite. 1,009 more words


Agonizing Ambitions

Ambitions are a part of life. It is an activity about running for our dreams in plain language. First a human runs for meeting ends. then due to comparison and in order to increase status in the society, he runs for luxuries. 800 more words


The measure of intelligence is the ability to change ~ A.Einstein

We all want to look good, but more importantly to feel good. I always considered my big flaw is not being really smart. That’s the thing. 457 more words

Self Imrovment

2015, October 26 - 919 - intentions

my body fails me (5)
i can’t do all i want to (7)
aspire to too much (5)