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B-Project: Kodou Ambitious – Ep 12 - Online em Português ✔

B-Project: Kodou Ambitious – Ep 12 – Online em Português

B-Project: Kodou Ambitious – Ep 12 – Online em Português

Family Money

“Several years ago my son Will and I wrote a book on ‘family money’ – on how families get and hold onto fortunes over generations.  My family never had any money.  59 more words

Money Matters

Tι είπε ο Collin Powel για τους Clinton

Αχαλίνωτα φιλόδοξη και άπληστη 70χρονη χαρακτηρίζει την Hillary Clinton ο Στρατηγός Collin Powel σε email του που διέρρευσαν (αχ αυτοί οι Ρώσοι χάκερς).  125 more words


Prose and Cons of new 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan

The Cupertino Bicycle Pedestrian Commission recently had their new 2016 Bicycle Transportation Plan approved by City Council.  This is by far the most ambitious Bicycle Transportation Plan ever put together in the city’s history.   755 more words


Lazy Change

So I have a tendency to be lazy that is slowly but surely being worked out of me. Thank you God! I have a lot of ambitious goals that I want to accomplish, however I go through quite a few days where I don’t feel like doing the work to accomplish them. 361 more words


My Two cents: for the Broke, Unemployed and Ambitious young Jamaican

Student loans to payback, work experience, first car, first apartment, first million….do these terms look familiar to you? I mean there are others but these seem to stand out in the minds of most millennials. 189 more words



Ambitious is a story I wrote for my Year 11 English Extension 1 major work.  I had to cut a chunk of action out of the second half to get the story under the word limit, and unfortunately I never got around to rewriting it.   5,404 more words