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Do Vaccines Cause Strabismus?

Vaccines can do a lot of things.

They can prevent you from getting a life-threatening disease, sometimes even after you have been exposed. And if you do get sick when vaccinated, the vaccine can often help to make sure the disease isn’t as severe as it might have been if you were… 644 more words

Vaccine Misinformation


A relief takes over the parents’ face when I tell them that their child has a normal vision when they bring them in for a routine eye examination. 440 more words



Reduced vision in one eye due to abnormal development in the eye.

Amblyopia can lead to the affected eye drifting away and going in unintended directions.

Also called “lazy eye”.



Re an article on amblyopia by New York Times personal health columnist Jane Brody:

“Add Depth to Life, With Early Eye Exam”

By Jane E. Brody… 1,783 more words

Roger W. Smith

Amblyopia, or lazy eye, is the most common visual impairment in US children. Early studies have shown virtual-reality games can be more effective than the traditional eye-patch treatment (yarrr!). 

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Let's get high (altitudes) in Colorado!

The Colorado trip! Everyone wants to hear about it, so I am not going to waste time with my usual dramatic pontification introduction. (As you heave your “Thank God” sigh). 4,991 more words

Cerebral Palsy

Video Games as Medical Aid

Video games can be a controversial subject. They can arouse contradictory discussions, being able to incite people to take equally passionate opposite stances, for or against them. 247 more words

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