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Da Vinci in Retirement

Last year I visited the town of Vinci in Tuscany, where the famous artist and inventor was born. Now, I am in Amboise on the river Loire, and it is here where Leonardo Da Vinci spent the last three years of his life in Clos Luc, at the invitation of Francois I. 321 more words

European Nomad

The Drama Queen

Chenonceau was the icing on our travel cake, the multi-arched trophy for completing a meandering two-hour bike ride through the breathtaking French countryside.  No amount of reading or research prepared me for the beauty of the site, the stunning architecture, its delicate design. 519 more words


Leonardo da Vinci: OCD?

Time was when French kings adopted Italian artists like puppies. François I adopted Leonardo da Vinci because François wanted Italy and kept failing to win it, but its bling was nonetheless irresistible. 333 more words


Château du Clos Lucé

This museum is dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian mastermind whose ideas have contributed greatly to the world as we know it today. He is considered to have spent the last few years of his life in this stately mansion, working on his ideas free from the prying eyes of the Church in Rome who didn’t like the fact that he did dissections on corpses to learn more about human anatomy. 242 more words


Le Château d'Amboise

Less than an hour’s drive from Tours, the Château d’Amboise is magnificent. The day trip was part of the Cultural Program that’s available for exchange students. 124 more words


The empty chair

For this week’s instalment of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, here is a photograph taken at Chateau d’Amboise, in the Indre-et-Loire départment of central France. 18 more words

Black & White

Spotlight on the Loire

Known as the garden of France, the Loire Valley in the centre of France is a lush green land with rich vineyards, charming towns and magnificent châteaux. 597 more words