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The Uncrowned King of Bohemia: The fascinating story of a not-so-great poet

There I was, thinking I was all done with bad mother poems, when I discovered the worst one of all, by George Sterling–in the same… 1,136 more words


Man With Two Faces - Decopunk and Self-Reflection

An unexpected perk of writing is meeting other writers and learning what’s behind the tales they tell. One of the perks of this blog is that sometimes I get to share those stories with other readers. 1,211 more words

Women And Writing

Does Reading ever Inspire you to Write?

I am a bibliophile so I have a deep love for books.  I read for many reasons, some of them being to be informed, to be entertained, to escape, or to be inspired.   263 more words

We See Ourselves in Cats

I finished this chapter in the upcoming ebook, “50 Facts About Domestic Cats,” today. Hope you like it.

You might have heard how people see companion animals as “little me’s.” The makers of pet food and other products certainly have. 1,257 more words

Feline Friday

Ambrose Bierce wrote a horror story called "The Thing at Nolan," and you people never told me?!

“The Thing at Nolan,” by Ambrose Bierce

First published in the San Francisco Examiner, August 2, 1891.

Included in Can Such Things Be? (1893).

(Thanks to  1,531 more words

Definition of the Day 4-18-18 (Ten Commandments)

TEN COMMANDMENTS, n. pl. The fundamental moral precepts of the Christian and Jewish faiths, and a fine set of guiding lights for us all. Some low-minded skeptics have suggested that God could have improved upon these inspired moral principles if It had dropped the commandments concerning swearing, idol worship, sexual exclusivity, and resting on the sabbath, and had instead instituted bans on slavery, torture, and cruelty, but these suggestions are obviously sacrilegious. 92 more words