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Which of the three authors would you prefer to read on your own time? Why?

Out of the three authors O. Henry, Jack London, and Ambrose Bierce, I would choose Jack London. I chose Jack London because I’m more familiar with his works. 516 more words


“They were men. They crept upon their hands and knees. They used their hands only, dragging their legs. They used their knees only, their arms hanging idle at their sides. 148 more words


The Damned Thing - Ep. 185

Hugh Morgan is dead, which why an inquest to determine how he came to be was assembled.

Suspects were plentiful, as were motives but no one had considered was the possibility that the killer was something no one had seen before. 28 more words


“ARREST, v.t. Formally to detain one accused of unusualness. God made the world in six days and was arrested on the seventh.”


Ambrose Bierce

Be as decent as you can. Don’t believe without evidence. Treat things divine with marked respect — don’t have anything to do with them. Do not trust humanity without collateral security; it will play you some scurvy trick. 65 more words