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Young Blood : Is reversing the aging process snake oil or a reality?

Some of us want to live forever. Others just want a few more years so they can finally see their dreams become reality. Most people deal with what they are dealt, accepting to go when they go. 575 more words


Questionable “Young Blood” Transfusions Offered in U.S. as Anti-Aging Remedy

Jesse Karmazin is the entrepreneur who made the practice possible, by launching a clinical trial on the potential of “young blood” through his startup Ambrosia…

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Ambrosia, you spry little parlour wench, you.

Ambrosia awoke suddenly to reveal that she in fact had no curtains. The entire world had witnessed that pathetic display she had put on earlier in the celestial cycle. 77 more words

Oh, Ambrosia!

Ambrosia was quite deeply entrenched in what some might call a baleful storm of woe and malice. That is to say, the previous night had been a really smarmy one, and she was all out of Tylenol! 17 more words


i tasted like honey;
a melting sweetness,
sickening sugar,
equally ambrosia-like.

but darling, darling,
you never knew I was a poison.


ambrosia named

praise the smell
of peaches
up from the bowl

not quite ripe
just yesterday
they fill the whole room

have you smelt
the peaches… 39 more words