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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Procesor (mikroprocesor, µP ili uP) je elektronska komponenta napravljena od minijaturnih tranzistora na jednom čipu (poluprovodničkom integralnom sklopu). Centralni procesor je srce svakog računara, iako centralni procesor (CPU – Central Processing Unit) nije jedini procesor, njega imaju grafička kartica (GPU), zvučna kartica i mnogi drugi delovi, ali pod imenom procesor najčešće se misli na centralni procesor (CPU).

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Short Interest Rises in Major Semiconductors in May

The short interest data have come out for the May 13 settlement date. It is important to note that semiconductor trends are considered to be leading indicators of technology and broader electronics demand. 234 more words


The 5 Most Shorted Nasdaq Stocks: Did Short Sellers Go Away in May?

As the time of “sell in May and go away” arrived, it seems the short sellers were neither strongly for nor against the notion, as least as far as the most heavily shorted stocks traded on the Nasdaq are concerned. 762 more words


Random thoughts, Hold the Door edition

Since I currently only barely have the attention span to compose a coherent tweet, let alone a proper blog post…

  • To get the usual topic of conversation on this blog out of the way: I remain both #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary and would still gladly vote for just about any 3rd party candidate on Nov.
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Windows 10 and AMD Driver Issues

• Delayed SSD Boot Time in Windows 10
• External Monitor Not Recognized in Windows 10

So I had just installed Windows 10 over Windows 7 and replaced my HDD with a SSD. 197 more words


Study in Journal of Ophthalmology : Macuview improves macular pigment optical density

A recent study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology has shown that consumption of a dairy drink containing lutein-, zeaxanthin- and DHA-enriched egg yolk significantly improves macular pigment optical density, visual acuity and plasma lutein concentration in healthy adult participants with regular signs of aging in the eyes, so called drusen and/or retinal pigment epithelial abnormalities. 145 more words


New GPU On The Way

I am very excited today as I won the week 1 giveaway/sweepstakes for the AMD Red Team.  I got to choose from a fantastic list of prizes and I went with an R9 390x GPU.   90 more words

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