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A Tibetan Ghost Story: How Three Chod-pas Tamed a Female 'Harm-Giver'

The following is a rough translation of a spooky Tibetan story that was shared on the popular Tibetan-medium site Khabdha. I hope you will read it and be careful the next time you are practicing yoga in the wilderness. 1,214 more words


So, You Want to be a Tantric Wizard, Huh?

Part of my current PhD research focuses on the overlaps – and divergences – between ideas about what practicing tantra means in ‘traditional’ or ‘indigenous’ Asian contexts and in what can be called ‘neo’ or ‘New Age’ tantric settings. 1,175 more words


Finding Dao

Finding the path of least resistance.

Go with the flow.

In Chinese dao means “way.” There is an understanding that Buddhism seeks to find the way, and that oftentimes the path of least resistance leads to that way.  630 more words


Book Review: My Tibetan Childhood

So I haven’t been writing much recently, at least for the blog.  I’m working on cranking out my book on Tibetan vegetarianism as fast as I can, and that hasn’t left much time for side projects like blog posts!   649 more words