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Princess Amelia has love, hope and happiness

Dearest Princess Amelia, your Mummy and Daddy told me a few days ago that you had told them what your three favourite words are. They said that love, happy and hope are your favourite words. 287 more words

Amelia Catherine Williams

Happy 6th Birthday Princess Amelia

Dearest Princess Amelia as it’s your sixth birthday I thought that you might like an extra special blog post especially for you and Pudding. :-) Yes it’s another post about cats!

Amelia Catherine Williams

Princess Amelia retires to her royal room

Dearest Princess Amelia. Your Daddy told me that you left a sign outside your room this week asking him and Mummy to stay out. I hope that maybe you were making presents for them which is why you wanted the door shut. 28 more words

Amelia Catherine Williams

Princess Amelia says goodbye to the Starman

Dearest Princess Amelia, one day you might find a singer, musician, artist, writer or perhaps a film star that you really, really like. You may never even get to meet them but that person will mean very much to you, not as much as your Mummy, Daddy and brothers and sisters and your friends. 139 more words

Princess Amelia

Princess Amelia meets Frankie and Edwyn and pulls some Heartstrings at Christmas

Dearest Princess Amelia your Uncle Bill has been a bit lazy with blog posts recently so I thought I would try to kick-start things again with a new Christmas song. 96 more words

Amelia Catherine Williams