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Everything gets better.

My first month of maternity leave was a blur: I was exhausted and blissful and terrified. The second month of maternity leave began with a hurricane and ended with the realization that I’m just a few weeks, maternity leave would end. 484 more words


I wish for you...

Dear Amelia,

I haven’t written you a letter since before you were born. I think it’s due to being overwhelmed with all the facets of you and motherhood. 359 more words


Cooking on Toco beach with HM Encounters!

Hey guys! Last Sunday I was invited by HM Encounters (Hamza Mohammed) on a road trip to Toco, Trinidad. It was his first time visiting the North East side of the country and I took it as an opportunity to cook outside of the kitchen. 407 more words

It's the little things

I don’t post here nearly enough. But I went to lunch with my little girl again today, and I just can’t help think how smart and cute she is. 6 more words


Zoo Trip 2

We went to the zoo for Veteran’s Day. Started with MOLA (Museum of Living Art) and discovered Claire is afraid of dark places, for now. However, she did enjoy touching a snake and, later, a starfish. 77 more words