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After a whole day been bossed around by Amelia i finally get some peace and ease from the pain she has been causing all day.Wanna guess how?? 58 more words

I hate pain


Today is like sooooooo overbearing, sleep just wasn’t my friend until daybreak.Generally that’s normal for me since i suffer from insomnia, what has me annoyed is that i was kept awake due to pain. 321 more words


Easter break has been a busy one. With less than a month before I finish college, for the year (unbelievable), I have been back and forth, on the long journey, to complete or at least near complete projects. 586 more words


Baby Naming

When it came to naming my little one it wasn’t that hard for i had fallen in love with the nameĀ Amelia years ago.Honestly can’t remember where i saw it but i thought it to be the sweetest, most lovely name ever.So as soon as the ultrasound confirmed that it was to be a girl i began calling herĀ  190 more words

Lazy Times & Active Amelia

The days pass by so sluggishly that at times date and time is of no meaning to me.It’s like i’m stuck in a empty void, unmoveable. 312 more words


Anticipating 5 PM when you finished your work at 4:30

Trying not to arrive too early to a party

Waiting for the doctors to come out when you’re not allowed back where the action is… 173 more words

Journal Prompts

But Am I Though?

Last night I sat back to watch a film on Amazon Prime. I browsed my watchlist for options and came upon something that looked quite funny. 625 more words