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A Feathered Nest

The kids have been waiting since Easter for the girls to lay eggs.  It finally happened this week.  I have to admit that finding them the first time was exhilarating.  251 more words

Raising Chickens For Fun

4-H Auction

We attended a 4-H auction this morning and was able to pick up Hubs’ birthday presents! :)

A pair of German Bielfelders

A blue Wheaton Ameraucana rooster. 6 more words

Heart Broken...

Yesterday, we had a BIG scare at BurkeyFarm.

After looking through the newest Food & Wine and Cooking Light magazine, I used the ladies room.  While I was using the restroom, Mike looked outside as it did seem quiet, wondering where Tux (our puppy) was.   268 more words


I’ve had the ladies for almost a full week now! So far only two have names.

This is Goldie my buff Orpington. She’s a little shy and flighty. 468 more words


They're here!!!!

Cheep cheep cheep! I hear it all day! My new little loves!

I am so in love already! I think Oliver is too! He always asks to have them on his lap! 103 more words


'Tis the season for chicks!

I guess it’s appropriate that my first post of the year is always of either chicks or newly planted seeds. This time it’s both. Our six new  179 more words