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Lavender Ameraucana chick

I have had a lot of trouble this hatching season.  Everything that could go wrong, has.  I do not buy a lot normally, but this was my year to bring in fresh blood.  26 more words


4-H Auction

We attended a 4-H auction this morning and was able to pick up Hubs’ birthday presents! :)

A pair of German Bielfelders

A blue Wheaton Ameraucana rooster. 6 more words

Heart Broken...

Yesterday, we had a BIG scare at BurkeyFarm.

After looking through the newest Food & Wine and Cooking Light magazine, I used the ladies room.  While I was using the restroom, Mike looked outside as it did seem quiet, wondering where Tux (our puppy) was.   268 more words


I’ve had the ladies for almost a full week now! So far only two have names.

This is Goldie my buff Orpington. She’s a little shy and flighty. 468 more words


They're here!!!!

Cheep cheep cheep! I hear it all day! My new little loves!

I am so in love already! I think Oliver is too! He always asks to have them on his lap! 103 more words


'Tis the season for chicks!

I guess it’s appropriate that my first post of the year is always of either chicks or newly planted seeds. This time it’s both. Our six new  179 more words


Christmas Egg

I’m about to ramble on about chickens and chicken eggs.  Read it just to make me happy.

“They” told me not to try to buy… 229 more words