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Christmas Egg

I’m about to ramble on about chickens and chicken eggs.  Read it just to make me happy.

“They” told me not to try to buy… 229 more words


Investigations into Breeds, Or, the Diary of a Burgeoning Chicken Fanatic

Lately, I have investigated what kinds of chickens I would want when I replenish the coop population. I have had experience with other breeds and want to explore other kinds, especially unusual ones. 422 more words

Birdy Baum

The Challenges Of Raising Chickens

It started in earnest in September with a few dropped feathers. Some days, the area around the Chicken Mansion looked like feather pillows had exploded. 275 more words

This morning - chickens and apple cider

The chickens are getting big.  Buttless (our rooster with no tail) has gone blonde, and the hens are getting bigger.  Still no eggs yet.

After feeding the chickens their morning wheelbarrow full of weeds, I picked some more apples and made another (almost) gallon of apple cider.

Behind The Scenes

We heard the rooster crow today

It’s official. Mrs. Fluffy Pants started crowing. I guess we will be changing his name to Mr. Fluffy Pants. I still am on the fence about the other two. 332 more words

Tiny Egg

One of the Ameraucanas laid her first egg in a Nest Box, just like a Big Girl. It’s the tiniest egg I’ve ever seen from a full-sized chicken. 64 more words

Country Life

A little Chicken video

Our chickens are seven weeks old! I took a quick video to celebrate.  As you can see, they are healthy, messy, noisy and happy! We have a mix of four breeds, thirteen chicks in total.  33 more words