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Delivery Day

The new chicks have finally arrived! We’ve been waiting for these babies for almost two months now. Happy and healthy little girls ready to join the flock. 143 more words

Flora Vista Farms

Spring goings ons

I finally think that Spring might be coming to Baltimore.  We are going to have a night this week close to freezing, but Spring is really trying to push through.  948 more words


Round 2-Chicks

After the first Buff Orpington chick expired we replaced it with a California White which looks similar in coloring but is leaner and more flighty than the Buffs. 507 more words


The Quick Start Guide to Chicks

I love raising little chicks! It’s so satisfying to watch them grow into awesome laying hens or meat birds. There are a few things you should know about raising chicks. 525 more words


Born to Brood: What Hens Are Likely to be Broody?

Some chicken breeds — and types of chickens — tend to brood more than others. “To brood,” of course is a good thing, that is, if your goal is have eggs. 184 more words

Backyard Chickens

How Many Chicks?

The baby chicks are two weeks old! Can you count the baby chicks? The Delaware are easy to count. The Ameraucanas are not quite as easy and the Black Australorps and Cuckoo Marans all blend together as big fluff balls.   43 more words

Country Life

First Easter Egg

Sometimes things seem to work out almost too perfectly here. No sooner had White Chicken and Black Chicken been loaded into a dog kennel in the back of a van and driven off to their new home, that I noticed that Other White Chicken, my favorite, had laid her very first egg. 68 more words