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Marans, Welsummer, and Easter Eggers OH MY!

Many people raise chickens for eggs and/or meat. We raise ours just for egg production. Even when they get old and stop laying eggs we keep them around and let them live a long happy life. 918 more words

TBT My First Year with Chickens - Brutal Death

Roughly this time last year…

The dogs and I were all napping in the living room, when outside we heard a cat screech. Everyone bolted out the open back door and to the front gates to see what was up. 1,261 more words


The Chicken Coop

Back on March 28th, the Wednesday before Easter, I was perusing the aisles of C-A-L Ranch when I stumbled upon on the baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys. 293 more words


2018 Chicken Crazy (Projects)

I, Paula – the “P” in “LP”,  am going a little chicken crazy!  I wanted to know what sexes of chix I would have hatching and this is the year, 2018, that I decided it was time to get going! 680 more words


Happy Easter!

Joy and happiness abounds–the babies have moved out to the barn! In fact, my husband surprised me by getting it all ready even earlier than expected so we were able to move them out before the weekend. 682 more words

Crash course in chickens

As I’ve said before, we are new to many aspects of homesteading.  Both of us are new to raising chickens.  I read books and reputable websites.  988 more words


Counting our chickens

Our flock has more than doubled!  You might recall that we started with three chicks.  Then I added four chicks…twice.  Then the Cackle Hatchery order arrived.  968 more words