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I have a little secret...well, nine of them:)

The new position Jesse applied for over a month ago is still up in the air, but after hearing from one of the hiring managers that due to restructuring it may never even exist, I’ve decided the time has come to divulge a secret; or rather nine secrets: WE HAVE CHICKENS!! 781 more words


News Alert: Wild Lane officially has chickens

watching little chicken butts waddle around and peck the earth is probably a new favorite pastime of ours. As of last weekend our coop became functional to house our chickens; which was good because I had purchased two on a whim from a classified add a couple days before. 422 more words



Corney (Ameraucauna rooster). Arrived: 18 August 2013

*Full story coming soon!*


Corney (middle) and friends


The grey ghost

Corney (front) and Eddy

At full stretch for his mighty crow! 44 more words


Madeline Crowed

Meet Malfoy. He’s an Ameraucana. He is the largest bird in the West Coop, with BayMax a close second. Yesterday he was on the highest roost in the run, and he crowed. 66 more words

Country Life

Delivery Day

The new chicks have finally arrived! We’ve been waiting for these babies for almost two months now. Happy and healthy little girls ready to join the flock. 143 more words

Flora Vista Farms

Spring goings ons

I finally think that Spring might be coming to Baltimore.  We are going to have a night this week close to freezing, but Spring is really trying to push through.  948 more words


Round 2-Chicks

After the first Buff Orpington chick expired we replaced it with a California White which looks similar in coloring but is leaner and more flighty than the Buffs. 507 more words