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Last Night in Alabama Real Americans were Victorious: Mitch McConnell is now Running Scared

Doug Jones was victorious in Alabama last night; and it was historic. However, the election was far more important than a win for one Democrat. 387 more words

Wednesday 13 December 2017 - Stunning victory in Alabama for Doug Jones and the Democrats

It was believed that the Senate race in Alabama yesterday was going to be a close thing, which in itself was an amazing prediction after decades of Republican dominance in the state, however the defeat of Republican candidate Roy Moore by Democrat Doug Jones was still a surprise and remarkable. 5,389 more words

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“God Bless America: May She Rest in Peace”

I wrote a very similar headline on November 9, 2016. If vile, immoral, racist men such as Trump or Roy Moore can be elected to our federal government, our nation no longer exists. 439 more words

Thursday 7 December 2017 - Here we go again. Another mass shooting in an American high school

Early reports suggest that two people have been killed at Aztec High School in New Mexico, in the Four Corners region of the state, close to the Colorado/Arizona/Utah border. 1,668 more words

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9 Podcasts for Long Travel Days

I would say that this is the year that I discovered podcasts. I’d listened to one or two over the years, but it wasn’t until 2016/2017 that I became mildly addicted. 2,701 more words


Trump Does Talking Heads 'Once in a Lifetime'

Okay, this isn’t satirical, but it is funny. Someone called Swedemason put this up on his channel on YouTube. It’s basically Trump morphed into the old Talking Heads’ video for their hit, ‘Once in a Lifetime’, and cut and edited a la Cassetteboi so that he sings the song. 63 more words





The need of revival always indicates a state of decline exists.  There are signs of decline, decay, and departure from God as a nation that we can learn from the OT example of Judah in Jeremiah the prophets day. 909 more words