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Car crashing: new budget accommodation in New York

Budget stays are hard to find in New York, but from £23 a night you can have a killer view of Manhattan … if you don’t mind sleeping in the back of a car


Black Nation? Really, is that not a bit racist? This is America, a nation for all… Sure,America has issues, just like any other nation, but over all America is the land of freedom and opportunity.

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Texas law enforcement sources tell me that the crime scene of off duty Abilene, Texas Police Officer Don Allen’s murder included anti-cop slurs written in the officer’s own blood.

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This madness has to stop! But it does allow us to bring up a few questions:

  • Where has President Obama been on all this? I have not heard nor read anywhere that Obama has called for peace and calm.
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Ben Stein Says Obama's Iran Dealings Too Bad to Be an Accident

Ben Stein may be more famous for being Ferris Bueller’s teacher or for hawking eye drops for Clear Eyes than for being a lawyer and speechwriter for several Republican administrations… but his “recent” comments about Obama’s insanely pro-Iranian nuclear program deal have launched many articles with titles like: 277 more words


Just Work Together

I’m sitting here listening to the news, while eating lunch.  I hear that there has been another shooting on an innocent police officer that was doing his job, protecting us citizens.  533 more words