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The truth of being

Gaslit by your “illumination”

angered by your arrogance.

We might shift and shake, but we still stand,

when the truth leaks and breaks, we will land… 95 more words

10 of the best restaurants near New York’s main attractions

It’s easy to grab a burger in Times Square but much more rewarding to walk a block or two and eat well with the locals. We asked our NYC correspondent to choose great places to eat near the city’s major sights


Bostonians Turn Out En Masse Against Nazi Sad-Acts

This is another short video, of less than a minute, from male feminist and scourge of the far right, Kevin Logan. It’s of the massive demonstration in Boston, which saw 30,000 people turn out to protest a demonstration by a group of neo-Nazis and White supremacists. 34 more words


BREAKING: Las Vegas Tragedy & Ohio Have This ONE Thing in Common

Loss of innocent life. The tragic shooting in Las Vegas killed 59 people. Abortion murders 57 unborn Ohioans EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just as the innocent concert goers went to the event not knowing they were destined to die at the hand of maniacs, unborn children are warmly nestled in their mother’s womb all the while destined to die a heinous dismemberment death. 70 more words


The biggest puppet show on earth

We will march, type the outraged,

in facebook and twitter rampage.

We’ll rip the Trump fans limb from limb,

we’ll bash deplorable faces in,

We’ll stomp them at the Capital, 158 more words

Mares' Tails in the Desert

With a flick of a vaporous tail, the arid desert of the Great Basin stirs, uplifting air and water in a swirl of activity, unsettling the skies and kicking up sand, the tail end of the desert monsoon season..Mares’ tails foretell a change in the weather, an unsettling, instability…we feel a few bumps overhead, but things are still calm as we pass by and we revel in the beauty of this seasonal chaos.

Aerial Photography