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La Crescent to no longer be considered the “Apple Capital" due to religious symbolism

LA CRESCENT, MN. — After five seconds of controversy, the La Crescent City Council has voted to change the historical title of La Crescent, Minnesota, from the “Apple Capital” to just “(something not offensive)” because of a group from far away making apparent (empty) threats in relation to the religious symbolism of apples ( 364 more words

Is the United States a Socialist Country?

So just what do politicians mean when they say that Obama and others are socialists? The loosely throwing around of this term used to describe anything that expands or merely maintains our fragile social safety-net of benefits and protections, is mind-boggling. 505 more words


The New Millennium

Oh shame on you, you old U S of “A”

you once had it all, entirely your own way.

But now that the new age has come… 293 more words


First Amendment under siege: Government should ban speech that offends minorities, millennials say

Millennials the real culprit here, the very mindset that gives our children participation trophies instead of crowning a champion. the very same mind set that feels it is better to lie rather than speak the truth. 191 more words

We're all immigrants here

This is the passenger list of a boat that sailed from Antwerp in December of 1921.

On it were my great-grandmother (my father’s father’s mother), my grandfather and two other great-uncles I never met. 381 more words


Momentary Lapse In Reason

Thanks to www.thepavementprincess.com for the perfect little picture.

It must have been a combination punch of a mediocre virus with a low-grade fever, and generalized angry Scorpio problems … but I take back what I said when I perhaps… maybe… accidentally mentioned that I temporarily “agreed” with Governor Pence. 77 more words