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NBC's Engel: Officials Say Allies: Simply Don't Trust" U.S. Under Obama Admin


Our former Ambassador to Iraq says our Middle East policy “is in God damn free fall”

Should Israel trust us?  Maybe to interfere in their elections. 79 more words


"I love me some me."

What is the enemy of mission?

Why don’t people heartily engage in mission?

This is not a new question and I won’t propose any new answers. 733 more words

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BREAKING: Another Member Of Obama's Military Just Busted As A Terror-Supporting ISIS Recruit

Using Obama’s yard stick, this man would be a hero… But i will stick to the good old American yard stick and call it as it is, he is a trader! 132 more words


Gay rights timeline

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

The Gay rights movement is very fast. From being illegal thru today. Here are some of the most memorable stages of the modern gay rights movement in the United States, From 1969 thru the present. 154 more words


VIDEO: Black middle schooler: Black-on-black crime bigger problem than police brutality | The American Mirror

This young man is just amazing… He is dead on and he is only 12…

CJ Pearson has a message for black America: Don’t let the “race baiters” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson “dictate” what African-Americans think and do.

83 more words


I was having a casual conversation with a friend at work on a Friday afternoon. As usual we were exchanging our plans for the weekend when he told me he was going to Devil’s Slide. 481 more words


The truth about undocumented immigrants

Joaquin Tenedora-Forte

Immigration is at the corner stone of American foundation. People came to America for hundreds of years. But a lot has change since the Irish and the Italians in the 19th century, there have not many white people coming to America, I just want to give three facts on Illegal Immigration. 108 more words