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Charlottesville & Trump: An Expat's Perspective

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Violent Racism in America, Epitomized by the Charlottesville March  

I was celebrating my birthday (hint: I am now over 40) with other August-births in my family in Japan when my smartphone gave me the news: There had been a riot in Charlottesville, VA, a gathering of KKK, neo-Nazis and other white nationalist groups. 1,050 more words

Top 15 unusual things to do in New York for free (or almost) !

Hey guys !

I hope you are all fine ! Today I am going to share with you 10 crazy things to do in New York city. 1,507 more words


Campaign against Trump’s threat to US national monuments gathers pace

Activists are ramping up efforts to raise awareness of the US president’s order, which puts 27 US parks at risk of losing their protected status


Threatened US national monuments you have to see – in pictures

America the beautiful … it’s a land of dramatic – and protected – scenery but, with 27 national monuments’ status under review, change may be coming. 7 more words


The Legacy of America is Filled with White Supremacy, Bigotry and Prejudice

Contrary to America’s politicians, America is not the greatest country in the world, and never has been. Currently we are ranked fourteenth in the world based on the ‘quality of life’ for the people, who compose the nation. 884 more words

Washington must Move to the Left in Support of the Working Class

I will continue to write articles about this fact until everyone, especially Democrats, listens. For decades Washington has been moving to the right. Republicans have become so extreme; they have moved so far to the right they are now wrong for America. 508 more words