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Saturday 21 January 2017 - Liverpool’s women march in protest at Trump’s presidency

These are a few photos from an article on the Liverpool Echo’s website this evening reporting on the an anti-Trump women’s march in the city today. 66 more words


Saturday 21 January 2017 - Trump fires all US ambassadors & other news

President Trump fires every US ambassador around the world – with no exceptions and no-one to replace them

Back on 23 December, Trump’s transition team announced that all ambassadors would be required to quit their posts by midday on Inauguration Day, 20 January 2017. 567 more words


Saturday 21 January 2017 - President Trump signals his intent to repeal Obamacare before dancing with Melania to “My Way”

Donald Trump has always said he would repeal, or reform, the Affordable Care Act – generally known as Obamacare. This Bill gave millions of previously uninsured and uninsurable Americans access to healthcare. 1,050 more words



I was a kid when I learned

if I spent enough time


being a kid


I would grow into my body

My appendages and their faculty for motion… 375 more words


Seeking San Francsisco

Ok, so a lot has been going on in my life over the last month and a half, all of it travel related. The latest of which is the week-long tour that I just did along the West Coast of the USA. 853 more words


Friday 20 January 2017 - Trump inauguration sees him become the USA’s 45th President

The United States rightly prides itself on the peaceful transition of administrations it carries out on the 20 January every four years. Something it has done since 1789 and the inauguration of the nation’s first President, George Washington. 2,121 more words


Thursday 19 January 2017 - “The Great Dictator” speech, and Noam Chomsky, inspiring hope to see beyond Donald Trump’s presidency

With only hours to go before Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, the future for the people of the United States and the world seems bleaker than for a long time. 1,325 more words