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October 1st: Free USPTO Web Chat On Patent Proceedings Under the America Invents Act

What: USPTO/Patent Trial And Appeal Board webinar series, to discuss new proposed rules governing PTAB practice.

When: October 1, 2015 at 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. EST (U.S.) 427 more words


Alice Doesn't Patent Here Anymore

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Alice decision and the Patent Office’s draconian rule making implementing that case have had and are having a devastating effect on software-implemented innovation in America – even though Justice Thomas made no mention of software in his opinion.   547 more words


An Action-Packed Summer for PTAB

By Don Wang

If you spent this past summer looking forward to the most recent Fantastic Four movie, I am deeply sorry for the utter disappointment. 700 more words

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Hedge Fund Troll Undetered by Initial Setbacks

By Tom Engellenner
Kyle Bass and his hedge funds, the Coalitions for Affordable Drugs LLC, have failed in several of their initial attempts to knock out drug patents. 559 more words

America Invents Act

Patent Law Revision Changes Future of Intellectual Property Rights

By Cory Lamz

Patent and intellectual property laws have protected the rights and ownership of inventions and creations designed by individuals for decades. These laws ensure that inventors receive proper credit and rights for their inventions and are legally protected from people using their ideas or designs. 312 more words

Intellectual Property

The Balancing Act of Patent Reform

Patent legislation is a balancing act — the protection of legitimate patent holders and non-infringing operators while stopping malicious attacks from so-called “patent trolls.” Unfortunately, finding that balance is proving a herculean task; the current debate is controversial for good reason. 1,045 more words