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Indiana, Arkansas- Lawmakers do you really know what you're doing?

A man and woman slog their way through the snow, their car behind them having run out of gas. In the dark through the blowing snow they see the lit sign of a hotel and the word VACANCY, they go through the door and walk up to the counter, as they open their coats it becomes apparent that the woman is very pregnant. 151 more words

Why the DOJ Ferguson reports are part of the problem

There is a certain sense that justice has prevailed following the release of the Department of Justice reports on Ferguson. Justice has prevailed, or so goes the montage of mainstream media reports who have simultaneously exonerated police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown, while at the same time attempting to show that the anger and frustration that followed the shooting was justified and shows the deep divisions facing the United States. 1,030 more words


Disappointments, Squashed Dreams, and Premature Life Reflections

I guess that I always wanted far too much out of life. Being a writer, I always had a vivid imagination. Hu, I’ll give myself… 780 more words

Disciples of Christ opposed Indiana RFRA

Before the national hubbub about Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) leaders sent this letter to Indiana Governor Mike Pence urging him to veto the the bill. 531 more words


Liberal Application of the Sum of Zero.

The more I watch the news and social media, the more amazed I become with a deep underlying tone in America, that I think would make even the craziest of mathematical theorists shake their heads. 915 more words

America trip Day 1 - Holiday Begins

Finally we get to go to America! Us four (me, Mummy, Papa and Pooja) were very excited and nervous to make sure have we got everything before we leave in the plane, so our trip flows really well with our plans. 463 more words