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How Accepting is America of Diversity? - Brief

There has always been huge diversity in America ranging from religion, ethnicity to sexuality. The main question is not is America diverse but how does America deal with its diversity and is much broader than ethnicity, race and gender. 127 more words


Review: The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 8 "Start To Finish"

While certainly better than the last few entries, this episode, however, feels like a let down, with so much wasted potential (and character storylines), the writers don’t do enough to keep the momentum going after a phenomonal and thrilling opening, falling into a drawn out period of mostly uninspired and cliched dialogue, and a real lack of consequence, and while there are some quieter moments to note fondly, with superb acting (especially from Tovah Feldshuh) and direction and cinematography, thats probably some of the series best, it really is a mixed bag, as some confrontations feel forced, as well as predictable, and the episode feels like another setup, again the shows creators abusing the audience’s trust, and this season, its starting to go too far. 7.2/10


Kylie Jenner's Dog Is Dangerously Skinny

We are dog people and this makes us cringe! Kylie Jenner posted a video on Instagram of her playing with her dogs. If you pay close attention, one of her dogs rib cage is showing. 20 more words


What I'm reading: Ted Hughes By Jonathan Bate.

(Thank you very much to Helen Ellis for sending this to me-I loved reading it!)

(First-a note about the controversy that this biography has caused: the estate of Ted Hughes was at various times described as ‘squaring up’ about the book. 243 more words


Wilde on America

Shamelessly filched from the tinterwebby on a grey, damp and windy Margate morning.

Oscar Wilde: 20 great quotes about America




Like everyone else in the country, I’ve been following the senseless killings you perpetrated at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility. Also, like everyone else, I am grieving for the friends, families and communities that the victims left behind. 759 more words