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Typical Trump!

This is so TYPICAL of TRUMP!

When the news is not to his liking he just calls it FAKE NEWS!

Trump campaign cutting ties with pollsters after internal numbers leaked… 78 more words


Abigail: The Princess of a Princess

“Asilas was involved in black ops government projects that crossbred humans with the alien Drax race to produce hybrid humanoids that could survive in the realm of the Drax and essentially be blood factories.”

966 more words
King Asilas

Analyst: Sowing mistrust has consequences

CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd discusses President Trump’s attacks on the media following a New York Times report that the US is ramping up cyber attacks against Russia, as well as his threats against Iran.

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Woman arrested after she pushed her dog in a lake and watched it drown

A New Hampshire woman faces an animal cruelty charge after pushing her 11-year-old dog into a lake and watching it drown.

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Honig lists pros and cons of Trump 'super-censure'

CNN legal analyst Elie Honig explains the benefits and weaknesses of a House vote to impeach President Trump without sending the resolution to the Senate for a formal vote on removal from office.

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Venice is on the frontlines of the battle against overtourism

Strolling down a tiny street in Venice’s San Marco district, a couple pauses in front of a hand-crafted leather goods stall, one of hundreds of “authentically Venetian” shops lining the cobblestone streets of the city’s tourist thoroughfares. 13 more words

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Why cities like Venice don't want mass tourism

Tourism boosts economies around the world. But for many countries, the balance is shifting. Cities like Venice are tackling the challenges mass tourism can bring.

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