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The Rookie Mistake

After 11 relatively peaceful days back in the UK I made a huge mistake; I went for a walk in the countryside surrounding my hometown. I know you are now expecting to see pictures of me in hospital 517 more words


Texas pleasantly surprised me. Especially Dallas which was the first city we visited and it is just lovely. The city is really clean and has a lot of public open space in particular park was Klyde Warren which is a park built above a freeway, they have free activities there for the public to enjoy. 520 more words


19 Disasters and counting

The inevitable collapse of the Duggar tribe has come about in the most ironic way possible. A family that had prided itself on instilling and mandating “family values” (code-word for being anti-gay and pro female servitude) is now embroiled in a downward spiraling controversy involving pedophilia and incest. 1,109 more words



An attempt at merging my words with a photo. Thoughts?

Across the Pond

Well i’ll be buggered, this has come round quicker than id anticipated…we fly tomorrow! (well hopefully, if we booked everything right) No more training, no more leaving Torrington on our trusted two wheeled steed’s of an evening, to be greeted by all number of horrible hills…into the unknown we go, where I’m sure there will be miles and miles of disgusting hills. 337 more words


How to read Southern California Gang Graffitti #107 Gardena CA

  Wandering the barrios, one will come across writing the is hieroglyphic in nature  and to cypher the meanings one must immerse oneself in the culture. Nothing to unusual about this piece or is there? 186 more words