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To Stand or Not to Stand? That is the question.

I know this is where I typically vent about teaching middle school, but today I felt different. I felt in my heart I had to share my thoughts and lucky for me I live in a country where I can do that without fear of being persecuted. 751 more words

Two Poems about "Institutional Racism" in America by John Kaniecki

Police Brutality
By John Kaniecki
“John Wayne lived in vain
There’s an army of blue
Machine gun ready too
Clinically insane
We have transformed
From ‘citizens’ to ‘civilians’
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Trump expands Travel Ban to include North Korea


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The Circle of Words

We protest in this nation because it makes us stronger. . . We voice our hurts. We point out injustices. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be a democracy with a document that calls for us to hear each other, to work together to be strong in our diversity. 922 more words

Our Pampered Football Players by Penny Chavers

To those who live in America (including myself): sometimes we don’t know how pampered we are or we forget.  I, for one, though am proud to live in a country that is free and I thank God for that.   274 more words


Don't Tread On Me...

First let me say, I hate getting political. Second, I understand we all have the right to peacefully protest. However and the MOST important…. I AM A US VETERAN’S WIFE. 294 more words