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An American Family's Story

This work of fiction is based on a real life historical account. Please see the end for more information about the original.

My mother was Karen Dole, born in 1960.

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Yakima, Washington protest for George Floyd

A cop car leads a group of protestors down W Yakima Ave.

Strange Times

I’m not very good at intros for blog posts like this. So I’m just gonna go for it. It’s Sunday night, and I spent most of the day on Instagram. 1,256 more words


What Will be Your New Normal?

Plagues, chaos, vandalism, terror, confusion…America?

There were times in the United States of America when rebellion and anarchy and war broke out.

Then there were seasons of rest and peace; more in some areas than in others, but overall, we had long seasons of peace in this nation. 1,343 more words


“No justice, no peace”

I unintentionally semi-attended one of the protests for the death of Floyd, murdered at the hands of police brutality. Unless you are Patrick the Star, you know who I am referring to (Floyd and countless other victims), what I am referring to (systematic racism and police brutality in the US), the evolving situation (peaceful protests over the span of… 837 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: Yes, I'm Black

I decided today to use my voice and platform to share my experience and thoughts as a Queer, Black American. I’d heard buzz of the podcast blackout that would be taking place and decided I wasn’t going to be quiet. 187 more words