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By Rene Mitchell

Walt Disney Studios’ Zootopia is an animated children’s movie about a courageous rabbit named Judy Hopps aspiring to become the first rabbit cop of all time. 1,786 more words

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Kung Fu Panda 3

By George Navarro

Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson is best known for her work in Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar. She is the first woman to solely direct a major Hollywood studio animated film. 1,833 more words

American Film

Star Trek: The Animated Series - Season 1, Episode 15 - "The Eye of the Beholder" - Obvious Message not Done Well

   The idea of aliens seeing humans as animals is a cool idea but really hard to execute, and honestly the original “Planet of the Apes” did this idea so much better. 298 more words

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Star Trek: The Animated Series - Season 1, Episode 10 - "Mudd's Passion" - Mudd is a Terrible Person and this Episode is Weak

    Harry Mudd is a terrible character and I’m not looking forward to my eventual watching of “Mudd’s Women” his introduction episode. In this he is a simple and very selfish con who has no redeeming qualities. 381 more words

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A Brief History of Black Animation, Part 1: Jazz Nights in Black and White

You can’t talk about the contributions and milestones of African-Americans in American animation without talking about the history. However, the history is long and evolves a lot of discussion and revolutions in both art and technology. 1,871 more words

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