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A Brief History of Black Animation, Part 1: Jazz Nights in Black and White

You can’t talk about the contributions and milestones of African-Americans in American animation without talking about the history. However, the history is long and evolves a lot of discussion and revolutions in both art and technology. 1,871 more words

Black Animation

Submissions and one awesome sci fi 90s cartoon

Good ol’ spontaneity had me send my fantasy, The Shadow Conflict, to Baen Books for publication consideration. Anyone even a little familiar with popular science fiction and fantasy titles will recognize it as one of the leading publishers of the genre. 560 more words


Rikki Tikki Tavi

A friend of mine is currently working on some illustrations for a Rikki Tikki Tavi book. I mentioned that, as a child, the 1975 Chuck Jones animated short film… 498 more words

“Extracurricular” – RWBY Volume 2 Chapter 5 Review

It’s not about overpowering the enemy; it’s about taking away what power they have. – Cinder Fall

Today’s episode was sort of a filler chapter. One that didn’t make substantial plot progress but did showcase the humor and action that is important to the show’s entertainment value. 294 more words


Batman: The Animated Series - An Episodic Exploration

Today is the day I began the Episodic Exploration of “Batman: The Animated Series” or “Batman: TAS.” It was one of the first shows I ever saw as a child and inspired by own writing and creativity in it’s dark and whimsical bent…it was what introduced me to Batman since I didn’t see Burton’s “Batman” until I was older. 304 more words

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What American Animated Series Are Learning From Japanese Anime

The moment disparagingly referred to as “Japanimation” and dismissed by American audiences as cartoons total of sex and violence, Anime has come into its own as a viable, worthwhile, and popular form of enjoyment media all over the globe, and not just in its native country of Japan. 301 more words

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-man and the Masters of the Universe

“He-man and the Masters of the Universe” was an early eighties cartoon that took place on the fictional planet of Eternia and was about a young prince named Adam who turns into the super-powered, overly muscled He-man with the power of his sword. 218 more words