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John Brophy, US, the Mantra Waterfall, (Self-taught fine artist)

View his website. Conceives his projects through digital media then completes in oil using 15th-century techniques. So inspirational for those of us who can’t go to art school. 21 more words


Sargent and snapshots at the Museum of Fine Arts

The John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston intends to show what the man meant to the culture of Boston in general and to the Museum of Fine Arts in particular. 155 more words


The Room of Flowers

You know what I like about art? I’ll never see it all. Here’s an American Impressionist whom I’ve never heard of, and his painting is one I’d hang in my family room, to remind me that rooms do not have to be neat and clutter-free. 63 more words


Edward Hopper

[1]The artist Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is hard to classify. We think of Hopper as a modern painter. However, he continues a trend in American painting going back to William Merritt Chase and Robert Henri. 787 more words


Joy Made Even Less Heavy

“Speaking has to do with the reality of things only commercially: in literature, one contents oneself with alluding to it or disturbing it slightly, so that it yields up the idea it incorporates.” 771 more words


Whistler's Mother at The Clark

Also at The Clark Institute of Art in Williamstown, Massachusetts this summer is the iconic Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1, called the most famous painting by an American artist held permanently outside of the United States. 166 more words


My Thursday Night at the Whitney

(above:  The Hudson River with New Jersey buildings–from the South side, 5th floor, of the Whitney.  Photo taken around 7:00 pm., which is why buildings are in shadow.) 495 more words

New York City