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A Painting with Soul: 'Morning After II' by Alyssa Monks

I recently posted a fragment of this oil painting by Alyssa Monks –Morning after II– on my personal blog (here. I’m also using it now as a header pic for my “posts page”, with a touch of green and violet added), but I am sure Ari would have posted it differently; better than me; like almost everything she… we, did and shared :) 198 more words


Streets of Salem: A Collection of Black Ships.

The Streets of Salem blog is very good at bringing us some quirky and overlooked aspects of early American history. In this article, images of ships proliferate in New England’s maritime culture, and since many of them are painted on glass, they end up being “black” ships…a term that itself has interesting connotations. 285 more words

Beckmann Looking at my Model -a late picture by Edward E Boccia

Did you know that Edward E Boccia worked at Washington University shortly after the appointment of Max Beckman.. Boccia was indebted to Beckman in many ways, as often acknowledged the strength of the German Expressionist master’s work -and Boccia would inherit Beckmann’s painting easel and use it among the many others in his studio through the years. 43 more words


Two Paintings with Spirit – Samples of the feminine way in art we all have desperately needed (but banned) for centuries

Two great painters of our time; two women; two beautiful samples of their work:

1- The Mornig After II – by Alyssa Monks (oil on canvas) 172 more words


Pictures of People Looking at Pictures

I am lucky enough to have, in my hometown, a renowned American art museum. Everyday, people go to look at portraits of people that lived long ago. 74 more words


Sinfonia di terrore, danza di morte (la Grande guerra)

“Rosalie, Rosalie! Rosalie is the Nickname of the French Bayonet”

Per il momento non ho molto da aggiungere a quello che si vede. Gli acquerelli di Claggett Wilson (1887-1952), un pittore di cui non ho mai sentito parlare (non sono il solo, … 183 more words