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Top Five Inept, Moronic, Unlikely, No Good, Very Bad Scenes in Recent Movies!

I’ve been thinking lately about the various inept, moronic, unlikely, no good, very bad scenes I’ve seen in my life. Now an inept, moronic, unlikely, no good very bad scenes can be a part of an okay or even enjoyable movie. 1,183 more words


How do we respond to global terror?

This week has seen many horrific stories in the news – stories from around the world involving terror, death and fear. How do we respond to it? 281 more words

Citizen Kane: The Citizen Kane of American Cinema?

First of all, I likeCitizen Kane is on my short list of movies that I try to make a point of checking in with at least once a year. 345 more words


The Jig is Up! 7 Signs You’re Getting Fired

#1)  Your coworkers no longer make eye-contact with you.

This is one of the surefire ways of knowing when you’re about to be canned. In an office environment, top-level-clearance gossip travels quickly through certain circles. 837 more words