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Tame Impala Releases 'Cause I'm a Man' Video and It's pretty weird..

BUT as Angela Hayes (American Beauty) says, “there’s nothing worse than being ordinary”. ;)

What do you think of the video?


Just off the Top of O-Ren Ishii's Head: 10 Death Scenes I Will Never Forget

I’m not really a Final Destination kind of guy but with stock dwindling at my favourite video store just two weeks before it closes, I settled on a movie that my friend had been trying to get me to watch for months. 1,557 more words


American Beauty


American Beauty is an intriguing watch. As soon as you put the movie on you will want to keep watching- but at the same time you want to turn it off because it really has a disturbing story line. 102 more words

Movie Review

American Beauty - Girlpool

American Beauty – Girlpool

it’s not enough to watch a movie, eat me out to american beauty

I wish I never heard it, just so I could hear it again for the first time

Vi har lige set serien Freaks and Geeks for første gang herhjemme, og ud over den var det fedeste fra start til slut, var det her nummer med Grateful Dead med. 63 more words


My Favourite Film Endings

When watching a film, I believe the ending is vital in ensuring it is an overall success, and the audience are left suitably satisfied, moved, gripped or shocked (or whatever the desired effect might be). 643 more words


Classic film- bUZZ's top picks

I am sure by now the readership of bUZZ will know I am a veracious lover of film. Action, horror, espionage, drama you name it I am into it. 551 more words