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10 Movie Moments That Took My Breath Away

Andrew’s Fistful of Moments blogathon stumped me at first. He has challenged us to name some movie scenes and moments that took our breath away. I have seen a lot of movies and have had many kinds of emotional reactions but here are 10 that come to mind almost immediately. 970 more words


Kevin Spacey

I want you all to imagine a basic scenario.

There’s a production meeting. The production studio has just green-lit its next project. The purpose of this meeting: to decide/debate over the actor who will play your main character. 381 more words


My Daily Train

I ain’t got much
to bitch
except birch,
like James dean
watching the highway pass.

Smoke, piss and tell,
on the porch sill
as the mountains of everything I wanted… 80 more words


American Beauty: A Look Back at Choice #14!

This post will be spoiler free. Our next film showing is ‘American Beauty’. This was chosen by Steve as one of 1000 choices. For those who have joined recently, let us take a look back at his post. 199 more words

1000 Films

Modern Day Marvels

If you have not seen American Beauty or Fight Club and do not wish to have the endings spoiled, then it would be advisable to watch them before reading this. 2,354 more words


Album of the Month: February

American Beauty / American Psycho

So many great albums came out in the past month or so and because of that it was so hard to pick an album for February but I have finally chosen American Beauty / American Psycho by Fall Out Boy. 172 more words