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What's the matter with us Americans?

Europeans think Americans have gone crazy.  Ann Jones, who has lived in Europe for decades, said her European friends once respected the United States, but no longer.  622 more words


Martin J. Sklar on corporate liberalism

The giant business corporation is a type of institution which has made possible economic growth and creation of wealth on a scale never before seen in history.  1,305 more words

Public Policy

Conservatism and the Black Community

Conservatism and the Black Community

Although there are many conservative principles that resonate with a large portion of America, ultimately, the root word itself has a major problem with black and minority communities. 457 more words

A Farmers No Bull Explanation of World Economies

Everything tastes better with humor. We’ve all read one or more versions of the ‘you have two cows’ parody. Here is a new twist on ‘two cow’ satire to explain some of the world’s most notorious economies. 525 more words

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    Down through the centuries Christians have had to face daunting challenges of every sort, from physical deprivation to deep discouragement to outright persecution. Yet Christians in the western industrialized nations may be facing the deadliest challenge of all, namely, the challenge of material prosperity. 1,270 more words