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Apropos of last week’s¬†rollout of tipless dining at Danny Meyer restaurants, I offer this third-party explanation of benefits and changes to your old plan. 1,548 more words

Things That Are Up To You

Economic exploitation of Upper South

After we lost our war for independence (1861-1865), much of the Upper South was bought by wealthy Northern capitalists for a pittance and the land was mined for its resources by Northern companies. 124 more words


From the other side: my American capitalism

As someone who practically spent almost her entire 20s dealing with doctors, hospitalizations, medical surgeries, lost a father in between, twice moved to new countries within 1.5 years and live alone without any family nor friends, I had moments in my life where I just could not explain what was in my heart and mind, let alone any kind of storms I was in. 470 more words


American Capitalism Ain't All Bad

To many in the United States, “social welfare state” is a three-word obscenity. To many others, “American capitalism” is a two-word profanity. Since the FDR era, the U.S. 593 more words


The $153,000 Snake Bite and America's Decline

The paradox of American capitalism is that we say it works best when there is a “free market” with competition.¬† But as we have seen time and again the goal of business, even in healthcare, is obtain monopoly status (i.e. 543 more words

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