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Peter Thiel is right: The age of Apple is over or something

”Peter Thiel is a prescient investor and well-known venture capitalist. A technology icon, he’s a member of the Trump transition team, and will help shape tech policy over the next four to eight years,” John Divine writes for US News & World Report. 518 more words


Why Peter Thiel is wrong about Apple

”In an interview with the New York Times, venture capitalist Peter Thiel affirmed that ‘The age of Apple is over,'” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. 400 more words


Peter Thiel says the age of Apple is over

A few Apple- and tech-related tidbits from Maureen Dowd’s “Confirm or Deny” with Peter Thiel for The New York Times:

Maureen Dowd: You did the seating chart at the Trump tech meeting. 348 more words


Art Of Minimalism

“Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things” directed by Matt D’Avella, 2016. Watch-worthy spot-on social commentary of the times that examines various people dedicated to rejecting the American idea that things bring happiness, exploring the virtues of ‘less is more.’ There’s a takeaway here for everybody everywhere. #meaningfullifeofless


“Warrant Withdrawal Wednesdays” Start Today at Municipal Court

Starting today, the Milwaukee Municipal Court will be holding special walk-in sessions to lift outstanding warrants on the first three Wednesdays of this month.

There are more than 100,000 outstanding municipal warrants in the City of Milwaukee, … 233 more words

African American Interests

The Bullying of US Militarism Pervades the Entire Society

 What causes bullying in the United States? In Bully Nation, Charles Derber and Yale R. Magrass show how US inequalities of power, militarism and aggressive capitalism make both personal and institutional bullying commonplace.  3,653 more words


The Biggest Strike in World History? No Thanks, We’re Focusing on the New iPhone

Not a single US newspaper found in the Nexis database—which includes most of the major papers, like the New York Times, Washington Post and… 528 more words

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