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Cool science: Watch water droplets navigate a maze

From the American Chemical Society. WASHINGTON — Have you ever seen a drop of water navigate a maze? It’s possible thanks to the same phenomenon that lets you know if a griddle is hot enough for pancake batter.

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Research, Documentality, and Industry

Maurizio Ferraris in his book Documentality: Why It Is Necessary to Leave Traces has argued that it is essential for all social systems (science, law, and the like) to create inscriptions or written traces in order to survive.  292 more words

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Professionalization and Combining Methods

In an earlier post I discussed some topic modeling I did on the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).  That research showed that post 1892 (about 11 years after the journal begins publishing in 1879), there appeared to be a significant increase in discussion of methodology, society business, and other topics not directly associated with chemistry experiments.  532 more words

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Science entrepreneurship, science march on tap April 22 in Portland

This is just a quick post to give readers a heads-up about two events happening in Portland on April 22, 2017.

First up is the second annual Oregon Science Startup Forum, presented by the American Chemical Society’s Portland Section. 158 more words

Upcycling 'Fast Fashion' to Reduce Waste and Pollution

Pollution created by making and dyeing clothes has pitted the fashion industry and environmentalists against each other. Now, the advent of “fast fashion” — trendy clothing affordable enough to be disposable — has strained that relationship even more. 604 more words


Hi-Tech Lenses Which Diagnose Diseases

The idea of creating smart lenses, which project augmented reality or simply help people see better, isn’t new at all. But scientists from University of Oregon have something even more impressive up their sleeves. 286 more words

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This New Smartphone Screen Material Can Repair Its Own Scratches.

If you drop your phone and the screen shatters, you usually have two options: get it repaired or replace the phone entirely.

Chemists at the University of California, Riverside, have invented what could become a third option: a phone screen material that can heal itself. 304 more words