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Researchers close in on solving American chestnut blight

The American chestnut once dominated Eastern North America, with the total number of trees estimated at 4 billion a little more than a century ago. 456 more words


Another Montpelier

We visited Montpelier Saturday—in Virginia, the home of James Madison! It’s been too long since the last American history class (1965) and so we had fun brushing up on the 4th president and his wife Dolley. 128 more words

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The return of an old visitor

I was thrilled yesterday morning to find a beautiful, golden leaf on my doorstep and later in the afternoon to find another, this one dried and brown but of the same species, on the sidewalk in front of our house. 213 more words

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American Chestnut

Not many in this country have ever even seen an American Chestnut and far, far fewer remember when this remarkable tree could be seen as an integral part of the Eastern forest—well more than 25% of hardwoods in parts of the Appalachian Mountains. 251 more words

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Chestnut plantings show promise in WNC

From the Watauga Democrat:

Although the mighty chestnut is little more than a memory in the Appalachian Mountains, efforts continue as part of a vision to bring the forest giants back. 329 more words


Two "Babies" Meet

Dyson slept through the whole encounter, but when he was three weeks old he did get to meet one of my first “babies”.

Dyson, meet the American chestnut. 15 more words


Rivals compete to bring back an iconic American tree

Capping decades of research, two groups of plant breeders and geneticists appear to have arrived independently within reach of the same arboreal holy grail: creating an American chestnut tree that can, at long last, withstand the devastating fungus blight that wiped the trees out by the billions in the first half of the 20th century.

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