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Revival: In America We Trust?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it up to here with politics. Any politics. I’m sick of hearing about the candidates, where they stand on the issues, what they’ve done wrong, why we should vote for this one instead of that one or not vote at all, and what celebrities (and everybody else on the planet) think about them. 729 more words

Christian Women

Cleaning Out The Closet Part One: Charting A New Course

Can I tell you a story? Many of you who have grown up in American Christianity, especially in the Midwest and Bible Belt, will know this story. 819 more words


Recommended Reading: October 22

If you read one article this week, look at The Greatest Heresy of Our Time Isn’t What You Think by Jonathan Mitchican

For those of you with additional reading time this fine Fall weekend, check out the selections below, gathered from around the blogging world. 159 more words


The Kingdom of God: Part 1

Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the Kingdom of God. Here are some of the things he said; not everyone will choose to enter the Kingdom of God. 895 more words

Why I'm Not Voting for Donald Trump: A response to "Why I'm voting for Donald Trump" point by point and a call for healthy yet compassionate debate

I stumbled across the following blog post as it was trending and being shared on social media by friends and acquaintances. I read it, thought about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it—so I took the time to write out a rather lengthy comment addressing most of the author’s points honestly seeking debate or conversation because despite this post apparently going a bit viral there were no comments. 2,977 more words


God's Not Dead 2 - A Brief Review

There are very few movies that I come away from truly appreciating in its entirety: theme, message, presentation, and individual parts (that last bit is practically impossible for anyone to get from me)… but I have to say, “God’s Not Dead 2” certainly did a far better job than many “Christian” movies of late.First, I appreciated the somewhat more realistic and down to earth dealing with the American system and how our culture views the Religion of Christ. 270 more words