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Scared Straight?

I have seen some discussion lately concerning one particular topic and my mind seems to be bubbling over with some thoughts about it, so I am going to do as any serious blogger does: 799 more words

Dropping Out: Joining the Existential, Millennial Exiles

Like many of my peers, the Millennials, I now fully consider myself a church dropout. I use to be one of those fairly average church goers who would share all the debates, research, ideas, speculations, and answers to why the Twentysomethings like myself are falling out of church and have come to have little regard for attending church, who are still very spiritual (note: I am very much a believer. 309 more words


The Difference Between Playing Doctor and Child Molestation is Consent

A pastor’s wife caused controversy this week on Facebook after staunchly defending Josh Duggar’s molestation of 5 under age girls, suggesting that Josh was merely “playing doctor” when he fondled with the girls’ breasts and genitals while they slept. 324 more words


Why Josh Duggar won't say "victim."

Very consistently in the apologies that people like Josh Duggar and Doug Phillips offered the public, there was no mention whatsoever of the victims of their crimes. 606 more words

American Christianity

Stand up for Jesus?

No, that is not a play on words promoting a Christian comedy club, but there is definitely a lot of commotion regarding “standing up for Jesus” being stirred up these days.   792 more words


American Christianity is broken

[content note: discussions of child sexual abuse, rape apologia]

Growing up as a Christian fundamentalist meant that I was supremely good at judging people. 827 more words


Consent, Theonomists and Josh Duggar

The reaction of some of Josh Duggar’s defenders point to the larger, deeper problem of glossing over abuses of power because “all sins are equal in the sight of God.” Defenders ask, “Who of us didn’t make mistakes? 887 more words

American Christianity