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Five American Cities You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

There was a time when I made it a point to travel to a new city every year. Some years I would see three new cities, and other years I would visit one or two. 899 more words

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America’s Cities: Why they matter and a plan to save them

Cities, from New York and Chicago to New Orleans and San Francisco, are a vital piece of our country. 130 more words

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America's 10 Cities Dealing with a Drinking Problem

By Sarah Basheer

Men’s Health magazine collected data from a Center for Disease Control (CDC) and ranked cities on their overall “drunkenness” by weighing several statistics including the number of deaths by liver disease, deaths by DUI crashes, binge drinking, and DUI arrests. 38 more words

#Charlottesville, Before and After

You can change the way a place looks, but you can’t change the history that made it that way.

That’s a reality that the tragedy in Charlottesville, and the current uproar about Civil War monuments throughout the United States, can’t transform. 433 more words


Accurate Slogans for American Cities

Austin, TX: “If you like bands no one has heard of and desert heat, give Austin a chance!”

Salem, NH: “No, we’re not that Salem.” 202 more words