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The Most American Story Ever! US capitalizes on those who want to renounce US citizenship!

The Most American Story Ever!

How US capitalizes on those who want to renounce US citizenship:

The US government’s response to the growing trend of Americans renouncing citizenship is to more than quintuple the fees involved with becoming not-American. 6 more words


League of Women Voters Joins the Bad Guys

To complete the fundamental transformation of America, obviously the votes of illegal aliens and other non-citizens are needed–based on the premise that the legal electorate will never cast a majority vote for self-destruction. 294 more words


Challenging Cruz’s citizenship as dumb as challenging Obama’s

Some people are foolishly challenging Ted Cruz’s American citizenship in order to disqualify him from running for president.  They have as much validity as those who challenged Obama’s citizenship. 563 more words

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Am I or aren't I?

Here’s something for those of you who think they are knowledgeable on American citizenship law:

I’m Canadian – born in Ontario, raised in Ontario and went through the Ontario school system (which doesn’t seem to have left any permanent damage). 301 more words


Hippy to Happy Williams Announces American Citizenship

by James C. Stephens

April 22, 1973

General Meeting with General Director Williams reporting on his Central American Tour to Santa Domingo, Caracus, Venezuela, & Panama. 415 more words

Born at 30,000ft

Many women in different stages of pregnancy venture across treacherous waters in search of a better life for their unborn child in “the land of the brave and Free and the rights and benefits that come with an American citizenship. 699 more words

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Book review: Barbarian at the Gate: From the American Suburbs to the Taiwanese Army

As an R.O.C. citizen who just finished his national service (though it only lasted for a year), I can relate to the stories and tales in this book. 160 more words

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