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Religion and Democracy

Current events have brought the separation of church and state and the role of religion in the affairs of the state to the forefront of modern democratic discourse. 774 more words


History, Citizenship, and the Framing of the fourteenth amendment

The American nation, on July 4, 1865, appeared as an accomplished fact. With the civil war ended and the test complete, as the one-armed Oliver Otis Howard proclaimed from the cemetery at Gettysburg, many Americans on the winning side echoed the sentiments of the Reverend Andrew L. 11,278 more words


Abs, Jane the Virgin, CRT, Mexico ... and Naturalization

Life is hectic, hence why I haven’t sat down to write in a while. My apologies to the few, but valued people, that follow this blog. 591 more words

Dear Reader

I’ve dried the well up. Poetry has never been my forté. It’s become increasingly more difficult to write it and I’ve reached my limit on poems. 164 more words

The Story of Emancipation and Slavery on July 4, 1865

If any vision of American citizenship was to become a reality on July 4,1865 it would have to be reconstructed at the intersection of sacral language, manhood, military service, and historical narration. 4,321 more words


Two life changing Decembers

By: Marco Rodriguez

The memories of that day come back to me in a blur.  I can vaguely remember the bright lights and the loud noise of people coming in and out of the airport. 837 more words


Boris to be even more British

With the news this week that Boris Johnson plans to approach the US ambassador with the intention of relinquishing his American citizenship, reports are coming in that Matthew Barzun, the ambassador himself, has beaten the capital’s mayor to it. 319 more words