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Angel Messages March 18, 2018

Your Daily Message from Angels… LET OTHERS peek into the WINDOW of YOUR HEART! We love you Trusting you, Angels!!!

Source: Angel Messages March 18, 2018


Interview with Jyoti Patel

Interview Corner   Hello everyone. Today my guest is none other than my friend Miss. Jyoti Patel-  authoress and poetess. I am really glad that i am going to take her interview. 9 more words


शुभ नव-वर्ष व शुभ नवरात्रि Happy New Year. Happy Navratri.

चैत्र नवरात्र से वैदिक नववर्ष की शुरूआत होती है।  18 मार्च से चैत्र नवरात्रि शुरू हो रही है. इसी के साथ 18 मार्च को ही हिंदू नव वर्ष की भी शुरुआत हो रही है।  इस तिथि को काफी पवित्र माना जाता…


The Too Much Information (TMI) Tag 

Hey Everyone! Happy Weekend y’all! Gosh! Am I guilty or am I guilty? I am a month late in posting this! (Yup, yet again! Silly me! 39 more words


Foros do Arrão, Portalegre, Portugal, 2000 e tal

Não sei se alguma vez ouviram falar eu nunca ouvi,

De qualquer das formas se tiverem historias, fotos ou qualquer coisa interessante acerca desta grande terra não se esqueçam de partilhar connosco, será bem interessante descobrir essas pérolas escondidas desta grande terra.

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The Next Morning

This is a story based on a fever dream I once had. It had been a heavy night. Ella woke up, still dressed, still wearing shoes, glasses askew, absolutely hanging. 11 more words


Write Many Blog Posts Weekly

Hi guys. It is another day. I hope everything is great.  Today I want to give you some  tips that will help you to create many blog posts in a week. 23 more words