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Tazewell II: The Shellackening

Me and the Scarlet J convened for our first miniatures game of the year on that blackest of weekends: Valentine’s Weekend (I kid. Sort of.). 435 more words


Progress Report

I haven’t been super productive over the past weeks, but I have accomplished a few things. See pictures below.

The Spearhead bases were a lot of fun to put together. 162 more words

World War Two

The US Reconstruction Timeline: September 1865

The American Civil War has left us with some great songs. However, there was another musical tradition present before, during, and after the war. Its plaintive, stark beauty only grew stronger as its people, suddenly thrust from slavery to freedom, struggled to find their places in the newly united nation 150 years ago this month. 1,233 more words

American Civil War

The Best After Action Reports, Ever

Every now and then you run across something on this here great world wide web that is so good, you just have to share. I’m using free WordPress, so I can’t embed videos, but the links I’m going to put below are, I promise, well worth following. 100 more words

American Civil War



Ahem. I apologize for the hyperbolic post title, but I haven’t had an ACW victory in months and months, so I have to vigorously exercise my bragging rights when the opportunity arises! 1,153 more words