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Guide to ZIP Code Data Resources

.. what are the options to access and use ZIP Code area geographic, demographic and economic data? This section provides an overview of selected options available to access ZIP code area data from… 1,060 more words

Census Tract Demographics by ZIP Code

.. analyzing census tract demographics by ZIP code … a wide range of demographic-economic data for census tracts and ZIP code areas are now developed annually as a part of the American Community Survey ( 683 more words

Creating Thematic Pattern Maps

Decision-making can be influenced by a thematic pattern map that conveys a strong message. Thematic pattern maps can often transcend spoken language and facilitate communication on an issue. 863 more words

Patterns of Block Group Income Inequality

Income inequality exists in an area where there is a mix of households that have very high incomes coexisting with a set of households with very low income. 751 more words

Daytime Population & Employment-Residence Ratio

The concept of the daytime population refers to the number of people who are present in an area during normal business hours, including workers. This is in contrast to the resident population present during the evening and nighttime hours. 396 more words

Mapping household income, neighborhood by neighborhood, across all of Texas | Dallas Business Journal

The average median annual household income for all census block groups across Texas is roughly $55,200.It’s hard to say, specifically, which block group has the highest or lowest median household income on this map.

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State Patterns of Income & Income Inequality

The growth of income inequality has been widely reported. A recent New York Times story summarizes the wealth gap, a result of income inequality growth. The… 601 more words