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Commuting to Silicon Valley

What is Silicon Valley? Where is Silicon Valley? Is there a Silicon River? Well, others have written about this extensively, so I’ll just point to the… 527 more words


Brooklyn’s Business Boom: Retail and Other Consumer-Driven Sectors

In the previous post, which should be read first, I chronicled the location of and trends in Brooklyn’s office-based businesses. This post is about consumer-driven businesses. 3,454 more words

In Census Budget Bills, Words Matter

In the early part of this decade, former Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) inserted language into a Senate appropriations bill report requiring that the 2020 Census’ overall, 10-year budget be no more than the costs of the previous 2010 Census. 178 more words

Census 2020

Brooklyn’s Business Boom: Office

Brooklyn is one of the epicenters of the new, youth-driven economy. Employment, and the number of employed and self-employed workers, have soared, but the number of poor people living in the borough has also increased, and its average income remains far below the U.S. 2,200 more words

Meet the Planning Staff: Alfred Sundara

Alfred Sundara is the Manager of Projections and State Data Center; he has been serving in that capacity since October 2016. In this position, he oversees the development of… 163 more words

Meet The Planning Staff

Refugees in the US quickly pay more in taxes than they get in benefits, according to new research

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton called for increasing the number of Syrian refugees taken into the US by 65,000. Donald Trump, Clinton’s Republican opponent, thought this was a terrible idea, in large part, because of its financial costs. 537 more words

What the Social Security Administration Knows, and Could Tell Us

Last December I wrote a quick post expressing concern that the U.S. might have reached peak transparency, now that the Democratic Party, as a result of the rising burden of public employee pensions, has turned against the dissemination of accurate, factual information about government and society. 3,186 more words

Generational Equity