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How Big is the American Community Survey?

Really big! Over 49.9 million people have been surveyed in the American Community Survey over the past ten years, 2007-2016.

The American Community Survey (ACS) collected by the US Census Bureau is the replacement for the “long form census” conducted on April 1st of years ending in “0”. 472 more words

Puerto Rico Needs a Debt for Equity Swap

If anyone doubts that Puerto Ricans are Americans, just look at the state of island’s economy before Hurricane Maria. You had a bunch of rich people holding bonds exempt from income taxes, and a bunch of public employee pensioners who got their pensions retroactively enriched while traditional pensions were eliminated for those hired after 2000, all expecting to get paid by the poorer generations to follow them. 7,876 more words

How much income you have to earn to be considered middle class in every US state

From the Business Insider website

The American middle class just got a little richer.

On Thursday, the US Census Bureau released its 2016 American Community Survey… 16 more words


Oregon Office of Economic Analysis Reblog: Poverty and progress, Oregon update edition

In order to not bury the lede regarding the 2016 ACS data, Oregon’s household income and poverty numbers look very good. I don’t want to oversell the data, but they are among the best readings in Oregon’s modern history.

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See richest, poorest U.S. cities and counties based on new Census data

California has 11 of the 20 most-affluent cities in the nation, while Florida and Ohio each have four cities on the list of the 20 poorest cities, based on an analysis of 2016 median household income. 52 more words

The Oregonian

Survey: Americans spend 9 days commuting a year

In 2016, the average American commute was longer than ever before.

The average American commute edged up to 26 minutes and 36 seconds last year, up 12 seconds, the latest data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey says. 52 more words

Bend Bulletin

Health Insurance in the USA (Part 4)

The Census Bureau released data from the 2016 American Community Survey last week (September 12-14).

Here is the Bureau web page related to 2016 Health Insurance Coverage. 599 more words