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“Obviously, Obama lost a Obamacare lawsuit, and it was embarrassing. So his administration wanted to change the news cycle. Literally, within hours of losing the court case Obama exceedingly overstepped his executive powers once again by imposing a ridiculous transgender rule against public schools.”

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Americans Directly Over The Target

Americans Directly over the Target(s) – https://wp.me/paCiq-jw

Americans Directly over the Target(s)

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The miracle is unfolding before our eyes: through the likes of one man’s candidacy, ALL of the liars and traitors to liberty are being exposed one by one, and sometimes in whole groups. 192 more words

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New Podcast Episode: Frederick Douglass on the Constitution

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Early on his career as an abolitionist speaker and activist, Frederick Douglass is a dedicated Garrisonian: anti-violence, anti-voting, anti-Union, and anti-Constitution… 112 more words

Frederick Douglass

New Podcast Episode: O.P. Recommends: Landmark Cases and Injustices, Two Great Works on the Supreme Court

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This last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been packing in a lot more learning about the Supreme Court, and is it ever fascinating. 91 more words


What Exactly is a White Militia and Should American Be Afraid of the Rebirth of a New Generation of Racists?

The militia community is a mainly American subculture consisting mainly of disaffected, rural, white, right-wing Christians who think that the federal government’s authority is either broadly abused or outright null and void. 653 more words

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