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The Leftist Jewish War against Our Donald and Dennis

I was born in 1934, raised JudeoChristian, and educated in a very modest middle class urban gentile community whose only noticeable, significant, cultural minority was ,  wealthier and Jewish. 971 more words


Meeting of Twin City Christian & Jewish Communities, Dec. 12 Hosted by Living Word Christian Center

Shalom Glenn,

I hope this email finds you well.

This upcoming Tuesday, December 12, the Stand for Israel meeting in the Twin Cities will have an Israeli guest speaker and a special update about Jerusalem! 438 more words

American Culture

Calling out the patriarchs

The Sonoran desert is finally cooling down and my friend the verdin seems mostly focused on basic eating, to help him get through the Winter month and half here. 1,871 more words

American Culture

Linda Gregg

You return when you feel like it, like rain.
And like rain you are tender, with the rain’s inept tenderness.
A passion so general I could be anywhere. 51 more words


Super Elitist David Brooks Snot Champion of the GOP

Leftist PBS’s choice Republican for years has been  a champion replica of the snottiest isolated urban Easterner, articulate and bigotted…..a person who might polish his toe nails to make him think better.  448 more words

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Conversations with Americans: wildlife

Me (upon finding a snake on the trail): Are you any good at identifying snakes?

Them: Yup. That’s a snake.

Me (bangs head against wall).

Marnie Devereux

Flashback 2017 Thanksgiving

Tday at mom’s. On this day, I become a sous chef to help prepare the feast. There were 16 people there! We had our table outside to accomodate everyone.Everything was delicious. 10 more words

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