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The Dismal Science: A.K.A Economics .001, Part I

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Dear readers, I originally had intended to make this essay a single exposition. However, as I got into it the ideas, emotions and resultant words multiplied like the sorcerer’s apprentice’s mops, so I decided I had better break it into at least two, and possibly more, essays. 1,403 more words


edge was near

my soul stiff
from the fall
off the cliff
it was tall

at the time
I fell down
was no rhyme
and no noun

to tell me… 83 more words


A Maxima By Any Other Name

Until very recently, I drove a car that would have made the most transportation-desperate of high school seniors blush, wince and flee: a gold, 1992 Nissan Maxima. 526 more words


India Has Changed Me

I wanted to talk about this on Sunday, but between my drawing commissions and housewife duties, I didn’t have the chance to. Meanwhile, I did have the opportunity to reflect on this topic a bit more. 1,734 more words


Ditsy Chick at MSNBC Charges Ben Carson with "Victim Blaming" for Fighting Back Against Gunmen

Ditsy Chick at MSNBC recommends Ben Carson and others  become her ditsy clone when faced with terror…….a nearly universal tenet among the Obama feminist crowd. 303 more words

National Politics

How Did The Democrats Become Favorites of the Rich?.....by T.B. Edsall at the New York Times


by Thomas B. Edsall of the New York Times Opinion Page:

“Voters on both the left and the right often claim that there is no difference between the Democratic and Republican Parties, and of course that isn’t true. 307 more words

National Politics

Let Your Child Struggle and Fail

As I watch parents around me work tirelessly to ensure their children have what they feel is the best of everything – including special privileges – I question if they aren’t setting these children up for misery later in the life. 780 more words