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Lefty Black Sollution: Pour More Money to support Democrat Party Urban Black Plantation Racism and Crime

Fifty years of Democrat Party developing racist rule politically buying and building their one-party dictatorships of America’s urban black plantation criminal culture championing black racism, corrupt schools, destruction of the black family, politically offering free lunches and food stamps, morally causing murderous crime rates, and the vocal population starring in the streets and in urban political centers are on national television demanding more of the same. 145 more words



THE BALTIMORE DEMOCRATS BUILT….by Marc A. Thiessen at the Washington Post:

“Martin O’Malley (D) says he plans to announce his presidential campaign in Baltimore. Perhaps he’ll used a burned-out police car or a looted storefront as his backdrop. 174 more words

American Culture

Mythos Modernized: The 1950s and Traditional Westerns Introduction

Through the 1950s the Western genre largely exhibited the same characteristics and themes that it had for the first half of the 20th century.  The Old West was typically portrayed in a highly romanticized manner, a vast, rugged frontier (emphasized in many films by brilliant cinematography capturing wide open plains and deserts, stunning mountain ranges, and enormous plateaus) whose conquest was among the noblest and manliest of American endeavors. 288 more words

American Culture

On Same-Sex Marriage Part 4: Love, Emotion and Commitment

I’m currently swamped with law school. I have another research paper coming up and midterms. I also have have the Bar to prepare for and final exams will be coming up quicker than I’d like. 1,177 more words

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Baseball’s Black Problem

Whenever Chris Rock speaks, I listen .

Rock is a comedic genius or the one comic who possesses the outstanding ability at least to disturb my good manners time and time again with belly-aching guffaws. 3,628 more words

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this is a test

This is a test.

If you received this notification on your home phone bill would you think your bill was:

A. going up

B. staying the same… 341 more words


Another Black Thug Shoots another White Police Officer.........Where are the Riots?


opinion page, NYPost:

No demonstrators will block traffic to protest the ambush of Police Officer Brian Moore in Queens Saturday evening — the fifth New York City cop struck by gunfire in the line of duty since December. 89 more words

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