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Bird-brained behavior

I just finished repairing and reinstalling one of my bird feeders, and this morning I stopped in my tracks when I saw a bright red cardinal enjoying his breakfast with a smaller white-striped bird I didn’t recognize.  527 more words

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Ted Kooser

One of the ancient maps of the world
is heart-shaped, carefully drawn
and once washed with bright colors,
though the colors have faded
as you might expect feelings to fade… 64 more words


We Have Met the Enemy and he is us

What’s missing from the debate about our borders? The reason why.

People don’t just pick up and leave their ancestral homes and extended families without a good reason. 1,738 more words

American Culture

6-21-13: "WHERE’S MY GUN (I’m ‘merican, Dammit!)" (© KPKeelan)


My brain

longs for a bullet,

craves one,

yearns for it.

It’s just done with this world.

Every day another painful NO.

YES is an alien idea… 124 more words

Kevin Keelan

American Cultural Blinders

Being native-born American is like being from this large, very wealthy and influential family that is well-known for doing many great deeds, but also has done many ethically questionable things that helped make them gain their wealth and power. 695 more words

American Culture

Great Again

“Ah, America!

We’ve gone from separating Indian babies
from their parents (and then exterminating them),

to stealing babies from their slave parents
(and then re-selling them into slavery), 238 more words


Someone puts “Saxapahaw” in an e-mail and you have to write a poem

In Saxapahaw before the war

Boys and girls were locked in remote cabins for weeks

And given only toxic plants and rancid meat to eat… 1,071 more words

The Real World