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July 3, 1890:

THE last territory to be explored by Europeans or Americans, on this day in 1890 Idaho becomes the 43rd state admitted to the union. Exploration of North American progressed from the Atlantic and Pacific coasts inward, and northward from Spanish Mexico. 270 more words

American Culture

Freedom and Faulkner's Nobel Address 1950

The 4th of July honors ideas born in freedom, and movement of the mind and of the soul, not to mention movement of the body, sponsored by freedom.  226 more words


Farewell Pt. 2: Sort-Of "Passing" AKA Blending in Taiwan

**NOTE**Before I tumble down the rabbit hole of racism and sexism in Taiwan v. Greater Asia or the United States, I want to pause and remind anyone reading this, that I’m focusing on specifically my OWN experience. 2,877 more words


My Thoughts on the Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

I have been hesitant to write anything about the SCOTUS ruling which disallowed States to ban gay marriage, simply because I have seen how social media has been so consumed by it, and it is clearly an issue which people have made a dividing line, which greatly saddens me. 577 more words


sprinklers chat

sprinklers chat
unconcerned about
human thirst

* * *

low rainbows
conspicuous green
water thieves

* * *

anxious feet
want to walk away
dry blue sky… 48 more words


Me, Troll 2015: "THE AMERICAN SLEEP" (a poem by KPKeelan)


All across this land, feeling safe

under heavy blankets of reassuring illusion,

millions sleep

the American Sleep,

from sea to shining sea!

In this nightly ritual of drifting away, 131 more words

Kevin Keelan

Celebrating One Year In The USA

Last Saturday I celebrated my one-year anniversary of arriving in the USA. It made me reflect on what my life looked like one solar cycle back, what has changed and what hasn’t. 904 more words