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Ruth Stone

All night you waited for morning, all morning / for afternoon, all afternoon for night; / and still the longing sings. — Ruth Stone, from “At Eighty-three She Lives Alone,” … 7 more words


The art of surviving American culture as an Aussie writer

Never underestimate the power of your culture or, in my case, should I say cultcha. It’s an invisible soup of ideas, thoughts, and values you’re swimming around in without any real awareness it’s there — until you get out of your soup and jump into a slushy. 868 more words


American Politics: Nothing New Under the Sun

July 29, 2016

I’m reading a great book, David Halberstam’s The Fifties.  It’s a journalistic look at major cultural (e.g., Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe) and political (e.g., Joseph McCarthy, Eisenhower) moments in America in the 1950s. 338 more words


Cynical’s My Name!

One unfortunate result of going through a political season, like the one we’re in right now, is that no matter what is said, no matter what action we take, nor how good we appear to be, nothing has changed in American life. 571 more words


Edward Hirsch

For the Sleepwalkers

Tonight I want to say something wonderful
for the sleepwalkers who have so much faith
in their legs, so much faith in the invisible… 200 more words


Thomas Merton

All true poetic genius tends to generate prophetic insight. The poet cannot help but listen to awakening voices that are not yet audible to the rest of men. 18 more words


Miller Williams

Have compassion for everyone you meet
even if they don’t want it. What seems conceit,
bad manners, or cynicism is always a sign
of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen. 33 more words