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Influence Your Children

Edmund Burke is quoted as saying, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

If all we need to do, as “good men”, is something, then, how much more does it take for us to become ‘great’ men. 787 more words


The Mark Of a Dad - Cherish

Are you a dad? It’s one thing to make a baby, and a completely different thing to actually be a father. Eduardo starts this new series called “The Mark of a Dad” with a whopper of a message for all men. 116 more words


My Dad Liked Baseball

I don’t know if my Dad liked baseball all that much, but I know he loved me. My fondest memories as a boy were when my dad would take time in the evenings to play baseball with us. 554 more words


Jellyfish Teaching

So, my son and I both got stung by jellyfish on our vacation. As usual, I try to find the teaching behind every circumstance and this was a good opportunity to teach my son a spiritual truth! 396 more words


Tareau's top 15 Cartoons of his lifetime.

Yes that is my tattoo on the geautures image. Gives away what #1 is right. Ok lots of I’m sorry’s. Transformers, Heathcliff, Eek the Cat, Tasmania, GI Joe, Batman The Animated Series, Wayne head, The Go Bots, Spiderman, Kim Possible, Iron Man, Fantastic 4, Captain Planet, MC Hammer, Duck Tales, and Looney Tunes all did not make it. 842 more words