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What to Watch: 05/02/2016

One show comes in, another goes out (well, just for the season as it is one of the highest rated programs). Here’s our recs for this not-at-all-manic Monday. 198 more words

What To Watch

April 28, 2016: Unchecked Librarian Population

My early morning is filled with more Family Guy and The Batman before work. My shift is slow for the first hour and a half and then blows up to the point that I don’t leave until five. 121 more words

'American Dad' Reenacted The Infamous Stone Cold Steve Austin/Vince McMahon Bedpan Scene

American Dad is still on the air, in case you didn’t know. Now I wouldn’t necessarily put the show on my must-watch list, but I also eat popcorn and M&Ms for breakfast, so that’s just me. 169 more words


April 22, 2016: Screaming Food Court Vortex

At seven o’clock I get woken up by a knock at the door. It’s the police and they’re asking if any of us had seen or heard anything through the night. 193 more words

April 20, 2016: Strange Thoughts No One Had

I wake up at seven as I usually do. I start the day with the new Flash episode. They’re taking steps towards Wally tapping into the speed force. 242 more words

American Dad (2005 - 2016 USA)

One of my favourite TV shows, just slightly behind King Of The Hill when it comes to adult cartoon comedies. The cream on this particular cake is Roger the Alien: he is the most obnoxious, dramatic, and careless character on this show. 51 more words