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Why We Love....Bojack Horseman

1. It’s Fresh

It’s an animated series about anthropomorphised animals, it’s easy to say that there’s not many other shows which are like this. You can never describe it as cliche and obvious. 632 more words

Why We Love

Imminent Death And Bubbles

An instrumental in two parts: Imminent Death, and Bubbles. The two parts are pretty similar, the chords remaining the same all the way through. It just gets slightly jumpy and echo-y for a while, as I play a guitar solo of sorts, and a blues bass riff. 395 more words


June 27, 2016: Starlight

The seven o’clock alarm goes off and I hit play on the episode of American Dad I fell asleep during. Close to the end of the episode I get up, fix a cup of coffee, and set up to stream some stuff. 405 more words

It Is Time For Fox Characters To Fight In An Animation Throwdown!

One of my old favorite blocks is coming back as a game. Get ready for Animation Throwdown a game combining some of the funniest shows into one epic card game. 131 more words


June 26, 2016: 626

When I wake up, I first think I missed my alarm and have a moment of dread. Then once I realize it’s only seven and that the alarm set for the wrong day, I try and watch some Amazing World of Gumball and We Bare Bears, but the network isn’t working right for me. 181 more words

June 20, 2016: Fanged and Impossibly Quick

Today I have another lazy morning. Nothing is coming to mind as to anything to watch, so I keep watching Futurama until nine. Then it hits me that I have more Preacher to check out. 205 more words

June 19, 2016: Samebody Brethren

The day starts with American Dad and coffee. Once I’m awake I put on Jurassic Park the Lost World and start catching up on journals. Towards the end of the movie, Calie and Clay make a delicious breakfast. 152 more words