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Which is more wildly unacceptable– the fact that someone allowed “American Dad” to be a part of the TBS syndicated line-up, or the fact that I have nothing better to do at 1:00pm on a Thursday than to both watch it and complain about it?

Either way, not great.


Random Thoughts/Happenings

A Hard Lesson For Dad!

Do you spend quality time with your kids? What about quantity time? Which is more important? The answer may surprise you in this emotionally packed 10 minute podcast. 14 more words



We live in an age where children are growing up fatherless! This is not only sad, it’s devastating for as the family goes, so goes the nation! 40 more words


Fictional Characters I admire

Surely the whole point of watching TV is to observe outlandish characters and the bizarre things they get up to that we’d never dream of. 813 more words


Daddy Didn't Think That Through

One of my favorite things to do when an idea blows up in my face is to quote Stan Smith from “American Dad” – “Daddy didn’t think that through.”  For those of you who are not familiar with that quote (and for those of you who are) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vNalIF_6Q0 At any rate, I brought the boys back to Wabun Picnic Area today (both boys asked on Tuesday if they could come back later this week).   101 more words

Wabun Picnic Area

Incredible 7 year old soccer player!

Love is kind. As a father, we struggle with being kind. Some dads are naturally good at it, but most of us are… 385 more words