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Make English Great Again!

Language is supposed to be written with capitalization and punctuation–at least to be correct–which ultimately is so it can be read and understood. It honestly is harder for me to comprehend the more common poorly written language, like this: 152 more words

5 Reasons Why America Will Not Collapse Like the Roman Empire

This is both good and bad news. Bad in the sense that the US empire, the leading killer in the world today, certainly needs to be abolished. 220 more words

My secret to avoiding procrastination

Here’s my video response to the challenge, 30 seconds to impress. I don’t know if I’ve impressed anyone, but it was a fun thing to try making. 250 more words


The One Cause Fallacy

I’m going to analyze something Jordan said. “The reason Western Civilization is falling is because of guilt.” He then goes on to say that the guilt produced by the left, toward whites, is what’s collapsing our culture. 1,273 more words


The White Right Rises

My prediction is that in the not so distant future there will no longer be a distinctive “American” national identity other than pop culture, fast food, and speaking English with a North American accent. 491 more words

Left And Right