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Shining the light on the phony reality of Obamaism

“If I listened to FOX News, I wouldn’t vote for me either.” – Barack Obama

That’s because you would then be informed rather than deceived.  What Obama is saying is that if it were not for FOX News and Rush Limbaugh then the world of Obama would be perfect!  1,459 more words

Election 2016

Clinton ‘corrupted,’ but Trump has a ploy, analyst says

Press TV. Listen here.

Democratic and Republican nominees at the US 2016 presidential election are both “right” when they accuse one another of “corruption,” an analyst says. 372 more words

Andrew Sullivan: How the Internet Broke Me

This long essay by Andrew Sullivan in New York magazine, detailing how his obsessive Internet use wrecked his health and life, is a searing commentary on the dehumanizing effects of pervasive technology. 595 more words

Observation & Reflection

Taking notes 64: America’s chance for moral courage

by Sanjay Perera

By the pricking of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes.—Shakespeare

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.—Søren Kierkegaard…

2,246 more words

The Trump RNC Speech and the New Republican Party: Goodbye Illegal Aliens, Hello Inner-City Children and the "LGBTQ Community"

– 23 July 2016 –


In clinching the Republican nomination and largely uniting the party behind his agenda, Donald Trump has managed to shift the definition of conservative for a new era. 2,093 more words


Why "Left" and "Right" Are Outdated Political Terms

At The Catholic Herald, I write about how our concepts of “left” and “right” are Cold War-era relics. The rupture of these obsolete ideas is behind the current breakdown in conventional politics in both the United States and the United Kingdom: 156 more words

Ideas & Ideology

Fernando Cortés: "Massive Mexican Immigration—a Business of Crooks"

An interesting take on immigration, economics, and US-Mexican relations from a Mexican nationalist.

The economic analysis he gave was quite good. I wish these identitarian folks would emphasize that more. 257 more words