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My Take on the "Muslim Travel Ban"

A number of people have for my views on the so-called “Muslim travel ban” imposed by the Trump administration. Here goes:

Statistically, the evidence shows that right-wing terrorists have been slightly more violent in the years since 9-11 than Islamists… 614 more words

Left And Right

The Real Face of Washington (and America) Thank You, Donald Trump

By Tom Engelhardt


Know thyself. It was what came to mind in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory and my own puzzling reaction to it. 350 more words

American Decline

Fascism in the USA, A Rebuttal

A shorter version of this article was published in The Hill on Jan 1, 2016.

You can hear the bass drum pounding away as you read the headline of Paul Krugman’s latest… 2,495 more words

Election hangover

Recently, I finished reading the last of “Dictator”, the third of Robert Harris’ trilogy nominally about the life of Marcus Tullius Cicero, but just as much about the collapse of the decaying… 768 more words

Let’s connect the dots on our despot in the wings. #NotMyPresident

Trump no longer gives a mere wink and a nod to the Alt Right. He’s appointing Steve Bannon, one of the Alt Right’s leading promoters, as his second lieutenant. 483 more words

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We are a nation of citizens, not immigrants

Obama’s legacy has been to weaken America economically and military while empowering the Islamic Jihad that would enslave the world under Sharia.  Donald Trump represents America that will not allow his anti-American legacy to survive. 1,169 more words

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Conservatives Conserving Failure

Sometimes I watch The Five on Fox News. Oddly, the one who raises my blood pressure the most is not the orthodox liberal Juan Williams — there is a soothing predictability to Juan that forces me to like him — but the nominal conservative Dana Perino. 516 more words

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