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Dangerous Flailing and Bellowing of the Beast: Throes of US Empire

By John Chuckman

Foreign Policy Journal

When I think of America’s place in the world today, the image that comes to mind is of a very large animal, perhaps a huge bull elephant or even prehistoric mammoth, which long roamed as the unchallenged king of its domain, but has become trapped by its own missteps, as caught in a tar pit or some quicksand, and is violently flailing about, making a terrifying noises in its effort to free itself and re-establish its authority. 134 more words

Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Lewis Mumford: "These are symptoms of the end"

“From the standpoint of both politics and urbanism, Rome remains a significant lesson of what to avoid: its history presents a series of classic danger signals to warn one when life is moving in the wrong direction. 165 more words

Politics/Current Events

Another story in the annals of stolen valor...

From me in PJ Media:

Normally these loser-fakes are called out by real veterans. In this case, Mr. Coins, the one who confronted the loser-fake, was never in the military.

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Living In An Era Of Decline

By Alan Caruba ~

Most of know whether we are living in good times or bad. Some of us warn of decline when we see it coming. 1,085 more words

Public Opinion

Internet-Induced Psychopathy

Last month, writing in The Mail on Sunday, Peter Hitchens asked: “Why do people behave so badly on the Internet?” A bit later, he followed up with another question: “Why is it that people seem to feel free, on the Internet, to say almost anything? 300 more words

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What Constitutes "Distracted" While Driving?

What shouldn’t you be able to do while driving? At PJ Media, I consider this in light of a woman’s being ticketed for applying lip balm: 38 more words

Ideas & Ideology

How Blogging Can Kill You

At PJ Media, I write about Andrew Sullivan’s retirement from blogging and his recently saying that the constant schedule almost killed him:

What Sullivan is describing is something all of us in 2015 face to some degree: with our lives increasingly synced and integrated with electronic online devices, there is a constant need to be “on,” in the moment, …

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