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The One Cause Fallacy

I’m going to analyze something Jordan said. “The reason Western Civilization is falling is because of guilt.” He then goes on to say that the guilt produced by the left, toward whites, is what’s collapsing our culture. 1,273 more words


The White Right Rises

My prediction is that in the not so distant future there will no longer be a distinctive “American” national identity other than pop culture, fast food, and speaking English with a North American accent. 491 more words

Left And Right

Andrew Breitbart, The New Conservatism

How do I break down this video? It’s disturbing to me, as there’s nothing really being said on either side that I would consider credible. For one, we have the voice of mini mouse, a faceless apparition speaking in monotones, saying I don’t even know what, and we have this monster, Andrew Breitbart, screaming about Multiculturalism being “Racist.” 878 more words

My Fear: The Cannibalizing of Libertarians and Progressives by Fanatics Due to Government Ineptitude

Some excellent commentary.

Published on Aug 14, 2017

If you don’t call out the fringe left with the same fervor that you do the fringe right, they will both grow rapidly and begin cannibalizing those they most easily absorb. 48 more words

Left And Right

How Will the State Respond to Growing Antifa/Alt-Right Violence?

By Keith Preston

The State exists for the purpose of maintaining a monopoly over the legitimate use of violence within a particular geographical territory in order to more effectively control resources, exploit subjects, protect an artificially privileged ruling class, and expand its own power both internally and externally. 3,923 more words

America in Decline? I Don't See It.

I’ve been blessed with two months of blissful rest this summer. It’s been wonderful to reconnect with many family members I don’t have the opportunity to visit often. 717 more words

I wish politics would stop barging in on my ambitions for this site

I’m forever vowing to veer this blog from the tentative political scene to more weighty — and ultimately relevant — eternal matters, but America’s death spiral always upsets my plans. 1,230 more words