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The Ongoing Quest for the Missing Birth Certificate 

Social Security caseworker left me a message saying my “document” (birth certificate) is available at their office in the dreaded federal building for me to pick up. 209 more words

Mental Health

Communist Presidents of the US

In case anyone doesn’t know, this quote is from President Eisenhower. So was Joe McCarthy correct when he accused Ike of being a pawn in the Communist Conspiracy? 262 more words

Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Death-dealing politics in the age of extreme violence

by Henry A. Giroux

How a society treats its children is a powerful moral and political index of its commitment to the institutions, values and principles that inform the promises of a real democracy. 3,836 more words

America’s Slumbering Secession Obsession

We’re getting there.

By James Poulos

The Daily Beast

As the United States becomes more and more disjointed, an increasing number of Americans favors abandoning the Union altogether. 1,004 more words


The Interview, an Opinion of the film

Just why a reputable company like SONY chose to produce this film is beyond me. Nor can I see why Canadian film development authorities had any part in its production for it is one of the most vulgar films in recent memory. 460 more words

Historical Paradigms, Partisan Cycles and the Future of the Anarchist Movement

By Keith Preston

Some historians make the credible argument that major historical cycles tend to turn every seventy years or so. For an example of this kind of analysis, … 1,410 more words