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How Will the State Respond to Growing Antifa/Alt-Right Violence?

By Keith Preston

The State exists for the purpose of maintaining a monopoly over the legitimate use of violence within a particular geographical territory in order to more effectively control resources, exploit subjects, protect an artificially privileged ruling class, and expand its own power both internally and externally. 3,923 more words

America in Decline? I Don't See It.

I’ve been blessed with two months of blissful rest this summer. It’s been wonderful to reconnect with many family members I don’t have the opportunity to visit often. 717 more words

I wish politics would stop barging in on my ambitions for this site

I’m forever vowing to veer this blog from the tentative political scene to more weighty — and ultimately relevant — eternal matters, but America’s death spiral always upsets my plans. 1,230 more words

The Middle Kingdom.

China has emerged from backwardness and isolation with astonishing suddenness.  The death of Mao Zedong, followed by the overthrow of his immediate successors, brought to power Deng Xiaoping.  581 more words

Donald Trump and America's Decline

W.J. Astore

Donald Trump, as Tom Engelhardt reminds us today at TomDispatch.com, was a declinist candidate for the presidency.  He saw America in decline, in peril, and said so.   462 more words

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Trump Immigration Policy Hinders PTSD Treatment

On a separate track from the medication issue (unresolved), I met with a new therapist who does EMDR, which is one treatment for PTSD. She seemed good and thought I’m a good candidate for it based on initial screening. 215 more words

Chris Hedges | The Dance of Death

The severance of a society from reality, as ours has been severed from collective recognition of the severity of climate change and the fatal consequences of empire and deindustrialization, leaves it without the intellectual and institutional mechanisms to confront its impending mortality.  966 more words

Corporate Empire