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An American Fourth....

Yesterday, we had what might be considered an ideal fourth of July.  Up at the crack of dawn to walk the dogs, then off to the golf course with our neighbors and best friends.   288 more words


All-American "No Response"

Yesterday I asked you what you thought it meant to be an American. I of course threw in a puppy joke because you love puppies, but I genuinely wanted to know your answer. 398 more words

A Letter to America

4 July 2015

Dear America (circa 1786),

Today is your 239th birthday and in all honesty, you don’t look a day over 10. Things here in 2015 for the most part look very similar to the nice bright-eyed childhood you remember. 1,035 more words


Resting in HIM. The best birthday ever!!

Well…for those who have no idea who I am, all you need to know is today is my birthday AND…I really really really enjoy Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. 1,892 more words


Happiness in the Legal Tender

We are free to try to be happy. What does that mean? What is the pursuit of happiness? When asked that, what kind of images does your mind conjure? 511 more words


Death of the American Dream

“Happy 4th of July!” It’s what I’m hearing, reading, and seeing all over the place today. I’m in Portland and people are getting ready for fireworks, barbecues, a shameless consumption of copious amounts of meat and booze, flag waving, and rejoicing for being an American. 1,077 more words

American Dream

I Am

I am a Mexican-American.

I grew up speaking English and Spanish.

I grew up eating biscuits and tortillas.

I grew up watching Saved by the Bell… 316 more words