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Kurt Andersen

For this post I’m going to do something unusual. Kurt Andersen did Charlie Rose so I’m going to post a snippet from that interview.

The other thing I want to show is a talk he gave at the 2017 Aspen Ideas Festival before the release of the book. 44 more words


Philip Roth - Well-Meaning But Oppressive Ethnic Families in Northern NJ

Alexander Portnoy’s family was the family of all us ethnics in northern New Jersey back in the 1960s.

That was the genius of Philip Roth who captured the well-meaning but oppressive values of ethnics struggling to make their place in WASP America. 265 more words

Career Paths



by Steve Liddick

Most people who live in California come from somewhere else. That includes me. It is an automatic assumption that you are not from here. 393 more words

Good Old Days

Perception. Matter Of Perspective.

Lately, the discussion of Laurel vs Yanny on the internet had so much of discussion and uproar about it that It has inspired me to write this poem. 14 more words


Write Me

write me in lead, verse in unending lines, in loops and curves, without any rhyme write me in sonnet, without any words, in fingertips, buoyant, like the wings of birds write me in symphony, with o…

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