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Titus swapping books with Rubio

On a very cold evening following a 30 inch snow storm, my wife, Claire and I traveled to Barnes and Nobel, Manchester NH, to to meet with Senator Marco Rubio. 25 more words

American Dream

Your Credit Is Important Use These Tips To Repair It

The American dream is one so that any person can do anything they want if they try hard enough and apply themselves. While repairing credit may not be the typical idea of the American dream, it too can be done, if you try hard enough and apply the tips you learn in this article. 306 more words


Where Can You Find The American Dream In Philly?

Could you find it in the bright blue and orange Air Maxes of a young boy as he walks down the street lined with abandoned row homes? 733 more words

The Proper Nature of a "Mutually" Equitable Business Transaction

To whom it may concern, due to the fact that I love to rag on companies that sell products with too many pontentialy restrictive or overly-complicated attributes, I am thinking of writing about Nova-Something products in my monthly feature article at tongueincheekpoliticas.com… 680 more words


The Dream: --

As I’ve been prepping for college and deciding what path to take I’ve been posed a question: what is the goal of life? For many it is to fulfill the ‘American dream,’ the upward movement of class and cash. 163 more words

From "American Dream" to "Worst Nightmare"

 The need to provide a better future for their families, forced them to make choices that changed the rest of their lives.From living under a warm and lovely roof, to being categorized as “criminals” who ended up living on the street, bridges and “canals.” Living under unbearable and unsanitary conditions; cold, hunger, discrimination, abuse but mostly forced to leave their life and loved ones behind thinking about when will be the next time you will see each others again.. 44 more words

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7 Useful Facts About Renters

Did you know that…
•89% of renters think owning a home is still part of the American dream
•24% have a bachelor’s degree
•32% of potential buyers plan to buy in next two years… 87 more words

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