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A terse but informative article on the Texas bomber

‘Smart and happy’: Who was Texas serial bomber Mark Anthony Conditt?

There is intense focus on the bomber’s background as police search for clues on his motive for the attacks. 541 more words
Question And Answer

Proof the American Dream Has Been Indefinitely Deferred An alarming new study finds that homeownership in the U.S. is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

For generations, homeownership and the equity that comes with it have symbolized the American Dream. But a recent study from the apartment search website RentCafe.com finds that in the aftermath of the Great Recession, homeowners now constitute a minority in 22 of the United States’ most populous cities. 930 more words


Write your own story

We are really all seeking the same thing, in one way or another.  We want to feel purpose in our lives. We want something that gets us out of bed in the morning, something that drives us and delivers to our souls.   612 more words

Cars, homes, and the American way of life

Can comparative data about owning cars and homeownership in the United States help us think about how the two together help define a unique American way of life? 466 more words


American Lawn

Steeples of seedheads-to-be
Rise stubbornly out of the lawn
Some yellow, some white & pink
All drinking the nourishment in season

And then, a *chug chug* as the groundskeeper lugs… 182 more words

Christian Syncretism And the American Church: A Perilous Partnership

Syncretism is a technical term used to describe the mixing of two distinct religions into a single hybrid faith. Historically, within the Christian community, syncretism has been applied primarily to new believers in the developing world who retain a portion of their traditional religion and layer elements of Christianity onto it. 3,197 more words


Crazy Love

Crazy Love by Francis Chan is a book that calls Christians to live in a way that reflects what we believe. If we believe that God really loves us, then why do we often live lukewarm lives? 49 more words