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This is a good show as an introduction to Americanism and the study of New Babylon. Please take a look but also look at other texts… 139 more words

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The Florida Project: The Place Next to The Happiest Place on Earth

When I was in high school I worked with elementary school aged children. I worked at an after-school program, meant to be a fun place for kids to socialize, play games, and generally have fun. 683 more words

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Movie Review: Perfumed Nightmare

Perfumed Nightmare is not one of the ordinary movies that we are used to watching. It is an independent film done in 1977 using a manual camera and a silent camera. 821 more words

VẤN ĐỀ PHÁP LÝ Vì sao người Mỹ cần súng và Tu chính án thứ hai?

Quyền tư hữu vũ khí của người dân Hoa Kỳ bấy lâu nay luôn là đề tài để các chính trị gia toàn thế giới, không chỉ ở Việt Nam, lấy ra làm ví dụ cho một dân tộc hung hăng và hiếu chiến. 3,529 more words

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American Dream: Best (or worst?) experienced when awake.

Among my quote list for 2017, the phrase “may you live in interesting times,” has been in my mind constantly.

And I mean, I’m not gonna touch the fickle subject of society’s wholesale problems with a 200-foot-pole. 790 more words

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American dream in Berlin

I can remember one of the tasks from my English maturita exams, back on highschool.

-What are the differences between life in a city and life in a village? 479 more words

Ode to The Republic by Tony Hoagland

click here for to read a different version as published in New Ohio Review.

The version I read was as published in Tony’s collection Application for Release From the Dream published by Graywolf Press. 22 more words