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Renters Insurance and the Millennial Generation - Why It's a Must Have!

Times are changing and with it the composition of our population. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. And, as it seems, yesterday’s children don’t think about housing the way their parents did at their age.  405 more words


El sueño americano

Oscar del Valle, uno de los protagonistas del documental Balseros, mira a la cámara y cuenta que ahora está viviendo en Philadelphia, en un pequeño pueblo llamado York, habitado en su mayoría por estadounidenses, y afirma que ahora sí está cerca del sueño americano. 814 more words

Tainted Thoughts

Who has the answer

The image is tainted

Made to be painted

By Holy things—

By Holy and True

By a new you found

In his death— 107 more words


Facebook Discussions: Being Yourself or Being like Christ?

Posted to my facebook  page.

Seemingly contradictory biblical ideas that have surfaced in conversations the last couple of months. what do we think about:

-What is the difference between dying to ourselves( ‘it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me’) AND being yourself? 479 more words


The BIG Problem With the American Dream...

The American Dream…I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Everyone wants to start a business, buy a house with a white picket fence, have a family with two kids, and a family dog named Spot. 584 more words


What happens when Developers break promises?

In Pennsylvania, Silver Spring Township supervisors recently voted to approve development of a new HOA, a subdivision that will be called Woodbridge, to be built by Charter Homes and Neighborhoods. 497 more words