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A Southern-American, Bangladesh-Infused Perspective on Gender

Zara Khalid, 22, an Atlanta native with Bangladesh heritage, shares her perspective on gender and millennials. 

What does gender mean to you?

Gender is whatever you personally feel you identify with (male or female). 1,358 more words

American Economy

Introduction: What Is The Financialization Revolution?

Financialization is, after all, a big fat hard-to-pronounce word and chances are you’ve never heard of it.

Yet.  It is one of the most important words you’ll ever want to familiarize yourself with because Financialization is the single reason why the United States economy has changed over the past few decades. 497 more words

American Politics

21c Slavery

Sept. 2003, pp. 2-25

Copyright © 2003 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY. All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission.
retrieved from http://sks.sirs.bdt.orc.scoolaid.net

21st Century Slaves

The headline is not a metaphor. 4,186 more words

Violence Against Women

An inquiry into Modern day Taxation. 

As we all know we have a tremendous debt problem in this nation, and there are many proposals to relinquish this debt, but the Republican consensus is Reagan’s old cut taxes and run. 863 more words


World War II: Some Whimsical Thoughts from a New Perspective Not Found in History Books

The whole ending has got to go; they’re losing the war          -Roger De Bris (“The Producers”)

Yesterday in the university men’s restroom I saw a couple of books a student had set on the counter.  The bottom book was something about American History (the face of the book was covered), and the one on top was a well-worn copy of George Kennan’s The Second World War, with a big picture of Adolph “the man” (not FDR or Ike) in the middle of the front design.

824 more words
American Economy

The American economy is a mess

Don’t ask me what the index actually measures, but it is the worst it’s been since 2009. There is no recovery in the American economy, none at all. 175 more words

Economic Theory And Policy