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Social Security Screwup: How it started and how America can stand to fix it

Americans have been looking to Congress over the past decade and a half to fix the national debt that our nation faces, increasing every day by several billion dollars. 680 more words

Governmental Functions

Ask Yourself These Two Questions About America's Economic Future

Today’s news environment has ADD. That’s why business leaders must occasionally disconnect from the tweet-powered media whirlwind and think hard about factors that do not make good SNL sketch material but that will deeply influence our future. 468 more words


Trade Deals And Outsourcing

If the job you have is ever outsourced, just know this: you will always be able to gain employment as a bartender, waiter, or cashier. Regardless of the amount of education or training you have, the service sector is the lone part of the economy that seems to be growing.  643 more words


Headline: Really Tough Questions

Headline Updated: January 27th, 2017


In our Riposte section, we gave you the opportunity to ask tough and sensible questions. Many of you did. 1,681 more words


Family Businesses Play a Key Role in the American Economy

Financial sector executive Darin Pastor, currently the chairman and CEO of Capstone Financial Group Inc., previously served high-profile companies such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. 196 more words

Darin Pastor

$15 Minimum Wage Begins In Seattle!

Almost three years ago we brought you the article ” Seattle to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 “. Fast forward to 2017 and economic “relief” has now started in Seattle, Washington. 106 more words


Thanks Obama! Now It's Your Turn Donald...

Perhaps, one measure of a President can be seen in the way he leaves his nation’s economic health to his successor.

If so, let’s use… 634 more words