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Ed Ruscha: Course of Empire @ the National Gallery

Room one

Room 1 of the National Gallery is just that, a normal-sized room, not a massive gallery. They use it to host smallish displays of work brought together on a common theme or by a niche artist, and the exhibitions or displays on here are generally FREE. 1,113 more words


Why is Trump Still Popular, It's Easy

Legions of liberals scratch their heads when they see polling data that show President Trump’s approval rate over 40%. Despite the stupid tweets, the lies and exaggerations, the flaunting of the rule of law, the destruction of presidential norms of behavior, blatant corruption, and the embrace of public policies that isolate the United States and pose real dangers to our future as the leader of the free world, Trump trudges on not just with his base but also with independent-minded voters who are unwilling to denounce him and push for his removal from office. 458 more words

American economy

How was America transformed into an industrial society?  How was it that in just a few short years, America became the most industrialized country in the world with sprawling cities and busy factories… 114 more words

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Adam Smith: What he really said about economics

The so-called guru of greed was far more concerned about big business and its capture of government than about big government. Click here


Trump - Trusting his Gut

The State Department is a shell of its former self, there are no ambassadors in key countries in Asia and the Middle East,  economic, domestic and foreign policy advisers in the White House who are level D minds keeps growing, and the lobbying swamp is not being drained but rather is filling up. 420 more words

Thankful for Small Favors

It should come as no surprise to anyone with an appreciation of how President Trump and the Republican Congress played the ” forgotten American” card and advanced what some have called a “peasants revolt” that poll numbers show a small but important spike in support for The Donald and the GOP. 388 more words

Improvements on the 80s Castle, Restoring a VCR, and Missing Cheap Chop Meat

I would’ve liked to go to that Service Merchandise advertised in Lakewood today, but we’re having the first storm of the season and some flooding. Not looking forward to getting to work tomorrow. 1,467 more words