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Thankful for Small Favors

It should come as no surprise to anyone with an appreciation of how President Trump and the Republican Congress played the ” forgotten American” card and advanced what some have called a “peasants revolt” that poll numbers show a small but important spike in support for The Donald and the GOP. 388 more words

Improvements on the 80s Castle, Restoring a VCR, and Missing Cheap Chop Meat

I would’ve liked to go to that Service Merchandise advertised in Lakewood today, but we’re having the first storm of the season and some flooding. Not looking forward to getting to work tomorrow. 1,467 more words

Why I, a Queer Minority, Would Go Back to the 90s in a Heartbeat If I Could

I’m not white. I’m queer, and I would like to get married, particularly to another man. It’s easier to say that now than it was then (which is when I came out) 1,332 more words

Trickle Down

To the Editor:
Let’s call it Trickle Me Once, Trickle Me Twice.  The Trumpublican tax “reform” is a simple reaffirmation of Ronald Reagan’s supply-side, trickle down economic platform that has resulted in the wealth and income disparity we have today.  128 more words

Letters To The Editor

Sexual Harassment or Tax Harassment?

There is nothing like a good ol’ sex scandal to take the American public’s attention away from what really matters in their lives. Sure sexual harassment is a plague that far too many women have had to endure as lecherous bosses and co-workers make professional relationships toxic. 346 more words