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World War II: Some Whimsical Thoughts from a New Perspective Not Found in History Books

The whole ending has got to go; they’re losing the war          -Roger De Bris (“The Producers”)

Yesterday in the university men’s restroom I saw a couple of books a student had set on the counter.  The bottom book was something about American History (the face of the book was covered), and the one on top was a well-worn copy of George Kennan’s The Second World War, with a big picture of Adolph “the man” (not FDR or Ike) in the middle of the front design.

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American Economy

The American economy is a mess

Don’t ask me what the index actually measures, but it is the worst it’s been since 2009. There is no recovery in the American economy, none at all. 175 more words

Economic Theory And Policy

The Atlantic: Opinion: Bourlee Lam: America's Unemployment Insurance Programs Need to Be Re-Imagined

The Atlantic: Opinion: Bourlee Lam: America’s Unemployment Insurance Programs Need to Be Re-Imagined

I agree with everything that was said in this Atlantic article. Which is saying something, because generally when I read The Atlantic, the writer is a bit left of me to put it mildly. 438 more words


NY's homeless population hits record high as poverty explodes in America

(NaturalNews) The homeless population in the nation’s largest city has exploded to an all-time high, forcing officials to provide shelter to desperate families in dilapidated tenements that have been identified by housing authorities as dangerous. 631 more words


CNN Overjoyed by Phony Jobless Numbers

This is from Rush Limbaugh.com.

The sheeple will watch the Communist News Network and think Obama is the greatest president ever.

When in fact, Obama is the worst president and unemployment numbers are actually double digits. 1,713 more words

Is America in Decline?

In 1945, the U.S. made up more than half of the world’s total gross domestic product (GDP), which basically means that half the world’s economy took place inside U.S. 927 more words