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Remembering Labor Day

In my last blog post, I said I would next time discuss jobs in Maryland. With Labor Day just passed, I want to share some thoughts and information in a rather broad way in regard to jobs in this post. 1,352 more words

Real Estate Market Outlook

Rising Demand and Economic Growth Outlook Drive Continued U.S. Business Optimism in ASEAN

Issued by the American Chamber of Commerce

Growing Protectionism, Rising Regional Tensions Among Challenges to Growth

September 13, 2017, Singapore – U.S. companies are optimistic about the growth outlook and investment opportunities in ASEAN as businesses see solid growth in domestic consumption, according to a special ASEAN 50th anniversary edition of the 2018 ASEAN Business Outlook Survey, released today by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, the U.S. 842 more words

To Confront China, The West Must First Repudiate Neoliberalism

Neoliberalism, understood as the doctrine of a self-regulating market separate from government intervention, is the root of the West’s political and economic weakness. Ever since it emerged in the 1970s, neoliberal ideology has undermined the achievements of the Golden Age of Capitalism (1950-1970), when Western countries grew at a rapid pace, successfully reduced unemployment and inequality, and consolidated democracy as a political system. 1,791 more words

While Democrats Play "Social Justice Warriors", They Destroy Any Chance of Gaining Back the White House. "It's the Economy, Stupid." (A KJ Analysis)

This past week, I have been looking at various aspects of the fallout from the riot at Charlottesville, VA last Saturday, which renewed a ISIS-like mission among Modern American Liberals, including the Democratic Party, to rid America of Confederate Monuments, which “offend” them. 1,664 more words


The United States and The Myth of Free Market - The Role of the Government In Historical Perspective

In his bestseller Free to Choose economist Milton Friedman offered a vision of American economic history that revolved around the idea of freedom. He wrote: 2,831 more words

The Eight-Year Wait For A Raise

July 24, 2009. 4.5 million workers across 31 states were greeted with an increase in the federal minimum wage to $7.25/hour. Signed by former President George W. 1,421 more words

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