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Viet Con — by the inimitable Mr. Fish

Viet Con

By Mr. Fish  truthdig.com  May 24. 2016

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Military Madness

American Economy in 2012

Most government stimulus packages end this year. As of mid-2011 mortgage lending continues to be in disarray and employment, while not double-digit, is above 8%. Oh, and there’s this little thing called a presidential election occurring in November of 2012. 377 more words

The 47%

There are a laundry list of reasons why Americans are angry, disillusioned or filled with anxiety these days. For some they feel the country is headed in the wrong direction or is directionless, for others they do not trust President Obama, others are concerned about the impact of diversity on the white population, and others just see Washington as broken and a partisan mess. 417 more words

Bringing back the Clinton economy – Democrats rewriting history

Hillary is campaigning that she will put her husband in charge of the economy.  Democrats continue to promote the fraud that Bill Clinton made the economic boom of the 90s.  601 more words

Election 2016

It ain't necessarily so 2.

The current presidential candidates are selling snake oil when it comes to the economy.[1]

“The economy is rigged”—Bernie Sanders, with Hillary Clinton yapping along behind.  603 more words

American Society

Here Are Three Ways To Rein In Wall Street

Giant banks, opaque hedge funds, and incomprehensibly leveraged trading in derivatives are the dominant features of the financial landscape. None of these are valuable for the country’s growth, its wealth distribution, or its commercial economy–and none are in any way necessary. 1,104 more words