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Deregulating the Finance Industry Again--Dire Consequences

Remember the last-minute provision–written largely by the Citigroup finance organization’s lobbyists–that Republicans introduced, in early 2015, into the annual budget bill in the House? This provision deregulates the big banking industry’s leeway in trading in risky loan derivatives, and effectively guts the Dodd-Frank Bill, designed to help prevent such irresponsible trading. 242 more words


Why Wages have Stagnated and their Impact on the American Dream

By Dwyer Gunn

Pacific Standard

If there’s one thing that the candidacies of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have made clear, it’s that people in America are not happy with the status quo. 237 more words


American Hourly Wages At $15 An Hour Is A Responsible Law

The hourly wage set at $15 is reportedly a responsible law. Find out why.

American workers have been rallying towards the increase of income, salary and wages since 2014. 43 more words

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Anger about Substandard Jobs in America

“The reality that tens of millions of American workers — black and white — are stuck in substandard jobs has finally broken through into mainstream political and economic discourse.

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Second Great Depression: 25 Percent of Americans Between 25 and 54 Currently Not Working

By Jonathan Benson – Natural News

(NaturalNews) The talking heads on the television can bumble all they want about the economy improving, but the latest labor statistics sing a much different tune. 109 more words

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America in 1815: Slavery

By 1815, America was already split between those states that were taking steps to eliminate slavery and those states who were fortifying their support of slavery. 497 more words

Early Republic

America in 1815: The Economy

The economy of the early United States would be familiar to modern Americans in some respects but also hard to recognize, given the development of the American economy in the past two centuries. 433 more words

Early Republic