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The Conservative Backlash to Liberal Fascism

Considering that progressives control so much of the media, education system, and research universities, conservatives may take certain progressive assumptions or historical revisionism for granted. This is often the case with regard to the… 938 more words


Republicans Announce 2018 Budget; Economy is Still Screwed

For years Libertarians, and a select few Republicans have been talking about this countries out of control spending problem, and our massive debt. On Tuesday morning House Republicans introduced their… 778 more words


House Witnesses: Al-Qaeda ‘Strongest in Syria’ Where It Could ‘Incorporate’ Failing Islamic State

Breitbart, by Edwin Mora, uly 13, 2017:

WASHINGTON, DC — Al-Qaeda, the primary target of the U.S. war on terror that followed the 9/11 attacks, has evolved and grown stronger mainly in Syria where it has set the conditions to establish an Islamic emirate while America primarily focuses on defeating the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), some analysts tell House lawmakers. 697 more words

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President Trump triples White House gender pay gap: female White House staffer is $72,650 while the median salary for a male staffer is $115,000! 

President Trump triples White House gender pay gap: female White House staffer is $72,650 while the median salary for a male staffer is $115,000!

The median salary for a female White House staffer is $72,650 while the median salary for a male staffer is $115,000, according to the 2017 Report to Congress on White House Office Personnel, which lists the title and salary of every Executive Office employee and has been mandatory since 1995. 67 more words

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I said "of course!" and then I said "yes!" as well!

He kneeled, he asked, I answered, I’m his fiancée and I’m the happiest woman in the whole universe! ❤☺😍 683 more words

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I said “of course!” and then I said “yes!” as well!

He kneeled, he asked, I answered, I’m his fiancée and I’m the happiest woman in the whole universe! We celebrated our engagement in Niagara Falls  and my love  took a great way to get there, through Niagara-on-the-lake, all those beautiful places such as wineries, etc. where we were stopping many times to take pictures wherever it was just perfect . It was such a hot day, but it didn’t stop us from getting dressed so fancy that the people around were glancing or even staring at us all the time. We didn’t care at all, we got engaged, we’re so happy so they can look if they want to, we’re now in our own happy world . I cannot believe that my love was looking online for this Mediterranean (Greek) restaurant we went to way before, because I once said that I want to go to one (I didn’t even remember that!) . The choice he made was excellent (as always, well he chose me so you know  [I’m kidding! But not that he chose me ]). We had the whole restaurant to ourselves for about first 30mins . We liked that! When the food came, we started tasting all the flavors that Greece has to offer. It was so delicious, plus the dessert (which I’m not used to) so when we finished, we were both very stuffed (yeah, not good at all), but after a short walk we both felt better . We drove to the falls after dinner to take some more pictures, but the funny thing is that on the way to Niagara we stopped by at the store to get a selfie stick (because the one I had was not good at all) and using my phone we took pictures of our engagement  with Niagara Falls in the background  which we love . When we came back to the car, my sweet fiancé opened the door for me , I had to kiss him right before I sat in the car . When we were driving back I said: “thank you my love for this wonderful day” and my fiancé responded: “thank you!” . Later on he asked: “it couldn’t get any better?”, I said: “no!” and he said: “that’s what I wanted to hear ” . Right now I looked at the ring I have on and I cannot believe what an amazing choice my love  made and how well he knows me . The ring is so simple, modest, but yet very elegant (and for the delicate hands as my love  added ). I’m extremely happy and grateful that my love asked my dad for the permission before all this and I know how meaningful it was for my dad. When my dad started to cry a little, it was just a confirmation of that for me. His youngest is getting married and he was afraid that he won’t make it till I’m 18 (because my dad was 49 when I was born)  and I was right all this time that he will be here not only when I’m 18, but much much longer . I really enjoyed when we both were talking with my best friend on Skype and the next day she told me that we “look beautiful together, I couldn’t stop staring at both of you” and she also said that I got so pretty and so happy (I guess I was ugly earlier , hahaha ). But yes, I think that if you’re happy inside, you look happy and much better outside . What’s inside is outside . Anyway, it doesn’t matter if I’m ugly or pretty, I just hope I’ll stay beautiful to my love and I’m very happy that I’m about to marry the love of my life . My fiancé was the most amazing boyfriend I could ever imagined and he’ll stay my boyfriend forever .
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Trump Pays His Female Employees Like It's 1980

The gender pay gap is alive and well in the Trump White House. Shocker! (Except not.) Instead of achieving pay parity with men, the women are losing ground in the fight. 200 more words


Michael Gove and the American Neoconservatives

Last week I wrote about Michael Gove’s surprise arrival as Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs. There is so much more to write about this, but time is limited and I will not be able to cover everything in one piece. 1,298 more words