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Dodd-Frank Is Hurting the Recovery!

The Federal Reserve Bank plays an important role in our economy by trying to keep inflation low and stable but also by trying to make recessions less severe by increasing the money supply when the unemployment rate is high. 300 more words

Jack Heidel

House Speaker John Boehner Will Resign End Of October

John Boehner to resign as House Speaker

Published on Sep 25, 2015

CNN’s Dierdre Walsh reports House Speaker John Boehner announced to house Republicans that he plans to resign as speaker in October. 1,914 more words


Argumentative for no Reason

A former Scott Walker aide fired off a
scorching tweet-storm about why Walker dropped out

Is someone sitting in this seat? “What do you think?” I think you’re argumentative for no reason and will ask again.

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Despite Obama’s 'Equal Pay' Rhetoric, White House Still Pays Female Staffers Less

Women White House staffers still earn 15.8 percent less on average than their male counterparts, according to an analysis from the conservative American Enterprise Institute of the latest disclosure reports. 83 more words

Barack Obama

Japan Rising: Former war criminal military back in play

Wars of Asia’s past achieved the highest death tolls in modern history. The US-Japan alliance, it seems, is preparing to repeat that past.

As I have exhaustively argued, the United States used the Korean peninsula as a proxy war for a wrongheaded Chinese containment strategy, and we use… 633 more words

North Korea

How Obama won on Iran | TheHill

According to Washington newspaper The Hill, President Obama is poised for a major diplomatic victory on the Iran nuclear deal when Congress returns to Washington next week. 113 more words


"If Cheney Wants A Conversation About Iran…": He Needs To Appreciate The Role He Played In Creating This Mess

Even most Republicans will concede that the GOP campaign to derail the international nuclear agreement with Iran is going poorly, and barring any major developments, the diplomatic deal will move forward over the objections of far-right lawmakers. 463 more words