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ICAO Secretary General encourages greater participation of representatives of general aviation

ICAO’s Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu opened the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association’s (IAOPA) World Assembly in Queenstown, New Zealand earlier this week, where she took advantage of the opportunity to encourage representatives of… 339 more words

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Avenues of Russian Military Intervention in Moldova

Throughout its history Moldova has been a geo­political playground for larger actors in the region, and its newly acquired independence does not appear to have changed this. 713 more words


We Have Met The Enemy, And It's The Future

This man’s rhetoric poses a threat to the very humanity of college students. But who is this unassuming fellow, and how can his mere words threaten anyone’s humanity? 1,096 more words


Historically-Based “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador.”

Mr. Lamperti, I very much appreciate your message and am glad that you care so much about El Salvador’s recent history. When I first began writing “Secrets & Lies in El Salvador,… 24 more words


The little house on the hill

I used to live In a little house On a hill And oh the views So beautiful Even still A magical place For sure It was A first real home All just Because By the window I would stand And stare Gazing o… 8 more words


Reluctant to Say

I’m reluctant to say I love you I’m reluctant to say you are wanted I’m reluctant to say what is in my heart I’m reluctant to say you are a need I’m reluctant to say I cherish you I’m reluctant to …

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