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How to Get Our Economy Back on Track III. Tax Reform

Both political parties, both presidential candidates, most prominent economists and economics journalists, in other words, most opinion makers, favor faster economic growth. I have had several recent posts on this topic, … 282 more words

Jack Heidel

Eight Retirement Myths Thoroughly Debunked

I read an interesting white paper recently from the American Enterprise Institute that looked at “What Is Happening In Retirement Planning Today?”  The paper was well-researched and stands as a bit of a contrast to the tangle of dark personal finance headlines that you often see in the in the paper and online.  891 more words

Early Retirement

Dan Pallotta's crusade, cont'd

Dan Pallotta’s powerful TED talk, called The way we think about charity is dead wrong, has been viewed nearly four million times since 2013. More important, his argument — … 975 more words


Can U.S. Economic Growth Be Speeded Up?

It is widely recognized and deplored, see here and here, that economic growth in the U.S. has been very slow, averaging only 2% per year, since the end of the Great Recession in June 2009. 263 more words

Jack Heidel