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Wishing You a Happily Apolitical Thanksgiving

Perhaps the most peculiar tradition that has been added to Thanksgiving in recent years is the annual spate of essays advising readers how to deal with any political discussions that might arise during a family get-together. 388 more words


You can walk or deny 030

Because the balloon of Pikachu appears around 11,
I hope we are not expected at Harrah’s Casino before noon.

‘Washington using Turkey as a tool to destabilize Russia’

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Another Perspective on Gratitude

In previous posts, I have tried to express my gratitude for many people and experiences in my life.[1]

Now Arthur C. Brooks [2] has offered another useful perspective on this important virtue in his essay, … 362 more words


Avoiding World War III

What happened in Paris could also easily happen in London, New York City or Washington D.C. and soon will if our President does not adequately respond to the threat of terrorism.   273 more words

Jack Heidel

Statement from Secretary of Defense Ash Carter‎ on the Paris Attacks

“This evening’s horrific and barbaric attacks in Paris were more than an attack on the nation or people of France – they were an assault on our common… 101 more words

Department Of Defense

As Netanyahu Returns for More Billions He Continues to Dissemble While the Washington Post Fails to Respectfully and Properly Report on the Protestors

This writer attended a “Rally Against Netanyahu Visit & Arms Giveaways to Israel” on November 9, 2015.

Unexplainably The Washington Post did not report on this event which took place in the evening during cold rain across the street from the venue where Netanyahu was addressing his guests. 474 more words

Argentum Post

Systems and Systemic Discrimination: Wage Discrimination


Is there systemic wage discrimination against women? In this short video produced and hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, a well-known research institute with conservative leanings, … 199 more words

Economic Systems