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Report: (If You've Got a Few Hours) AEI's Education Agenda for 2016

Next time you’re on a transatlantic flight or visiting New Jersey this will help you kill some time (key points below): 117 more words


Daily Video 6.24.15

Charles Murray And Jonah Goldberg On Civil Disobedience In America

Published on May 11, 2015

” The American ideal of limited government on life support. Is it time for civil disobedience?

157 more words
Daily Video

If American States Were Countries, Maryland Would Have Same GDP As South Africa

WASHINGTON (CBS DC)– A map contrasting the gross domestic products of US states to countries around the world portrays just how massive the American economy is. 168 more words


An Off-Ramp from Obama Care

The Supreme Court will soon render an opinion in King v. Burwell, challenging the implementation of the Affordable Care Act which stipulates that subsidies can only be paid “through an Exchange established by the State.”  If the plaintiffs are upheld, it will mean that anyone receiving health insurance through one of the federal exchanges operating in 33 states is not eligible to receive a subsidy.  265 more words

Jack Heidel

still dealing with deflated footballs?

Months ago, I weighed in more than once about the deflated football issue with the Patriots/Colts AFC championship game.

WHen the Wells report came out, I was too preoccupied with other issues to write about it, although I thought that its vague findings were in no way proof that should have punishments inflicted on Tom Brady or the team. 162 more words

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New Independent Study Questions Wells Report, Says 'Unlikely' Patriots Deflated Footballs

BOSTON (CBS) – In his report, attorney Ted Wells used scientific data that he said proved it was “more probable than not” that the New England Patriots deflated their footballs… 550 more words


Former Governor Rick Perry Boosted By Texas Economic Performance Data

Various Republican governors with an eye on the White House can point to tax cuts and other business-friendly policies they spearheaded as they enter the crowded 2016 presidential contest. 601 more words

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