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Do Black Students Need White Classmates?

A news report worries about the racial makeup of charter schools, despite their better performance.

Students at Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, Oct. 20. PHOTO: CARRIE ANTLFINGER/ASSOCIATED PRESS… 823 more words

Weekly Prompts Resume November 2

The Flash Fiction Rodeo begins next week! When I was old enough to know the rodeo season, I’d start to get excited by the flurry of activity. 15 more words


October is Guest Submission Month on Brave and Reckless

I am looking for guest submissions to publish on Brave and Reckless during the month of October.  This is a great opportunity for both new and experienced writers to expose their favorite work to a… 11 more words


Farmer’s Almanac Reveals 2018 Winter Forecast. It’s Not Pretty.

Enjoy the summer, peeps. Winter, with all her frost, beauty and fury, will be making helluva entrance very soon! It is that time of the year when winter is just about to approach, which means that … 15 more words


“जिन्दगी  को करीब से देखा है…..”

आज फिर एक बार जिन्दगी को,  बहुत करीब से देखा है ।        कितनी मासूम है, कितनी  अनजान है,              जैसे बेजुबान है। आज फिर एक बा…

Source: “जिन्दगी  को करीब से देखा है…..”


Taking Compliments – Friday Feelings

How are you at taking compliments? Are you one of those who is able to graciously take one, smiling and not looking smug, or do you colour up and just not know what to say? 10 more words


De-stress Before Bed

Do you wish you could wake up feeling more refreshed? It can be as simple as making some changes to your routine before bed! Try these tips to wind down and get into bed ready to sleep soundly! 7 more words