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Tournament of Short Stories II: Charles Chesnutt vs. Patrick Ryan

Yesterday, I came up for air after falling into a Trump/Clinton news coverage hole where I’d lain for several days alternating between stunned staring at the television and borderline hysterical laughter long enough to spend a couple of hours reading. 968 more words

Book Review

We Are The Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson

What if you like a book in general, but there are some things that bug you about it?

Do you always end up with one of those weighing the scales reviews? 730 more words

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Mao II Book Analysis/Review

Don DeLillo’s Mao II is an impressive effort of a novel that expands on his characteristic themes of the crowd, the image, and aura. The book speaks around and constantly revisits the philosophy of Maoism and the figure of Mao Zedong, which is pertinent material for dealing with subjects of collectivism and the loss of individuality in the face of masses. 778 more words

Coyote - July Books We Love

What happens after tragedy? Not directly after, but after the tragedy has struck and reverberated, and now the remaining friends and family are looked back at rather than looked after – “tragic, wasn’t it…” After news and media appearances no longer punctuate the chaos, after the victim’s loved ones are no longer forced to funnel their anguish into something that seemed productive. 454 more words

Crime Fiction

Siracusa: Delia Ephron

“An eight-day vacation-how could that hurt”

Regular readers of this blog know that I have a soft spot for tales about people on holiday, and that explains why I was drawn to Delia Ephron’s novel, … 1,035 more words


Four New Messages Book Analysis

Joshua Cohen’s collection of four short stories leans towards embodying a question pertinent to the time of its release, in the early 2000’s; what is literature’s place in the internet age? 1,061 more words

Mother Tongues by Theodora Ziolkowski

Two young men arrive at the home of a peasant woman.  We hear you know many stories, they say. Will you tell them to us for the book we are writing. 400 more words

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