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This post is a combination of four posts that we like to call “The American Flag Suite.” You can read each post individually by following these links: … 3,058 more words

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United States Flags: Considering Aspects before Purchase

Whether national or international, in order to show patriotism and respect, on varying occasions American Flags are hoisted. A flag is not just a piece of fabric but it’s the symbolic identification of any nation, it accentuates the history and struggle that the nation has gone through the ages, the cultural and ethnic inclination and the futuristic desires. 396 more words

'American Religious Flags

This Student Made A Homemade American Flag, But There's More To It Than Stars And Stripes

The American flag has been depicted in countless ways, but a 17-year-old in Miami County, Indiana, went many extra miles to construct something special. Jacob Feasel went viral after… 199 more words


The American Flag: Post Revolutionary War to today

While the American flag’s foundation was laid during the American Revolutionary War, the country’s growth, vague laws, and new precedents allowed the flag to evolve along with the country. 801 more words

American Flags

The myth and legend of Betsy Ross

There are certain facts and stories about historical figures that Americans have grown up with: George Washington cutting down his father’s cherry tree, Albert Einstein flunking math, Ben Franklin flying a kite during a thunderstorm.  922 more words

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America's first "Stars and Stripes"

The first stars and stripes variant of the U.S. flag was approved on June 14 when the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution of 1777. 654 more words

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America's first flag

The flag of the United States was created during a turbulent time in the country’s history. Combined with the fact that it’s meant to evolve with time, the U.S.

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