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CFB Week 4 Recap 2017

This week’s top match-up saw Penn State travel to one of the toughest atmospheres in college football down at Iowa. Big 12 rivals Oklahoma State and TCU also went head-to-head, while SEC schools Georgia and Mississippi State looked to stay undefeated against each other. 2,104 more words


Kaepernick Brings Sport To Its Knees With A Little Help From Trump

I admire Colin Kaepernick which you probably know if you listen to my radio show.  He is the Muhammad Ali of the 21st century.  A sportsperson who stands up, or rather kneels for what he believes.  796 more words


The Boycotter's Guide To The NFL

Should you or should you not boycott the NFL? Let’s review the cases for and against.

For: if you boycott the NFL, you will be supporting… 495 more words


Stand by your man?

I do wonder if Trump realized on Friday when he made the speech about the NFL, and the players, and the National Anthem, that it was always going to end badly, right? 204 more words


Late post and #taketheknee

Late post this week… :-D.. but it is for a good reason.

Everything good happened all at once this week, and I am also very busy prepping for a new life starting tomorrow. 308 more words


To the NFL

I’ve always enjoyed football until last year, and it appears that I must continue my boycott of spoiled millionaires who are paid way to much to entertain us.  178 more words


Creating a dynasty: The art of team-building

In all team sports, the only way to win is to build the best team. This will not necessarily be a team of the best individuals, but the group that works the best together. 1,281 more words